Yuppiechef cooking with kids email seriesPaige is now at a fun age to be baking and cooking together in the kitchen. She gets all excited to put on her apron I made and fetches her step stool so she can reach the countertop.

I do like having a little helper, though she is less help and more mess, but she’s 3 so I’ve got to have patience with her. Her favourite is cracking eggs and stirring, and I’ve yet to teach her to do the washing up. I am hoping that cooking will encourage her to eat more variety, but for now she’s still being stubborn with her food choices.

It will take time and I’ve enjoyed following Yuppiechef’s Cooking with Kids email series for ideas on what to bake and cook. Signup is free and once a week for 7 weeks, I received an email with recipes, advice and articles. How great is that! You can also subscribe for free here.

Yuppiechef cooking with kids email series

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