Wrapples toy review by The Mommy City

We have a new member to our Little Live family, Wrapples. Our blue furry friend was delivered by Prima Toys for the kids to play with and pet. Wrapples is in good company with our Little Live Tweet Talking Birds and Surprise Chicks.


Wrapples toy review by The Mommy City

Take your talking, giggling and singing pet Wrapples everywhere on your arm by slapping it on your wrist. The tail straightens out as a slap bangle which fits snug around the wrist and held in position by velcro support strips.

Mood swings

Wrapples toy review by The Mommy City

Wrapple’s eyes light up in different colours based on their mood. The more you play and interact with them, the happier they become. Ignore them or play too rough, and they get grumpy and lonely. Green means happy, yellow is calm, orange is anxious and red lets you know they are grumpy or lonely. Even their sounds change depending on their mood.

Stroke the top of their heads to activate their petting sensor and listen to them purr, sing and even rap. Shake them about to make him/her dizzy and happy. Be careful not to shake them too much though as it can make them grumpy, just like a real pet.

Place two Wrapples side by side and press the sing button to hear them sing. All this fun can make a Wrapple tired, so put them to sleep by holding them upside down on your wrist or leave them alone. They do make the cutest snoring sounds.

Pet toy

Wrapples can’t replace a real live pet, even though we are trying to convince Ethan because of his allergies. Of the collection of Little Live creatures, Wrapples is more interactive in that you can wear and pet it. After a while the sounds can get annoying for us parents and mommy does like Wrapples to get plenty of naps.

Wrapples toy review by The Mommy City

This toy does remind me of my own childhood. It is probably due to the snap bracelet which was all the rage and the Gremlin movies. The sounds sure remind me of a mogwai and I won’t be feeding our pet after midnight!

Time will tell if Ethan will continue to play with Wrapples after a few weeks. For now our little pet is fun to play with and won’t easily get lost if it stays on his arm.


Wrapples toy review by The Mommy City
  • Slap on wrist band
  • Light up eyes based on mood
  • 50+ sounds and reactions
  • Sleeping mode
  • Singing in harmony with another Wrapple
  • For ages 5+
  • Batteries included


Visit the Prima Toys website for a list of stockists. Available at most good retailers and online stores.

Wrapples toy review by The Mommy City


Product supplied by Prima Toys for review purposes. Images are all my own.

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