The Yellow Plate review by The Mommy CityWhat I enjoy about the school run and driving around town for errands, is listening to Cape Talk radio. It’s my way of keeping current with the news and conversations that are going on at the time. It’s also strangely relaxing too.

So I was driving one day, listening to an interview with Nikki Bush all about family rituals. Nikki is an international speaker, best selling author and you will also recognise her as the parenting expert on SABC3’s Expresso show. She was discussing the importance of establishing family rituals and whether big or small, how they become part of the fabric of family life.

Nikki shared an amusing story of how she wanted to make a celebration plate which is used by a family member at dinner time if they have achieved something great that day. The celebration plate could be used by her son after winning a sports match or improving on his spelling test, or by her husband after receiving a promotion.

Extended family and friends could also eat off the special plate if they too had achieved something – whether small or big – to celebrate. It’s not to be used everyday, but when the family think it is deserving.

She sent her design off to be made at a pottery house, but when it came back, the colour was a funny brown shade that she disliked. She wanted to get rid of it and replace it with a new, prettier version, but her sons protested. Despite its colour, it had already given meaning to their family rituals and could not be replaced.

So on special occasions, the family pulls out the not-so-pretty plate, and acknowledges their accomplishments in a small but very meaningful way. Nikki goes on to discuss more ideas for creating family rituals in her blog post on her website.

The Yellow PlateThis story of family rituals stuck with me, and I couldn’t help but smile when Kids Emporium gave me my own tradition plate at a recent blogger event. This family tradition plate is a much prettier yellow and has all the same sentiments of creating family rituals, celebrating a job well done, a birthday or even Mother’s Day.

This is such a lovely gift not only for your own family, but for friends and family to create their own traditions too. So whether an ugly brown homemade plate, or The Yellow Plate which is available at Kids Emporium stores, bring more meaning into mealtimes by creating family traditions for your special day.

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