The Book CaseIf you are an avid reader, you may well already know about the original South African bookish box, The Book Case. I’ll be explaining exactly what this bookish case is all about, as well as their new children’s book case.

The Book Case

The Book Case will surprise you with a bookish case every month that includes an exciting, newly-released novel and 3-5 bookish goodies to add to your reading adventure.

A new theme is released every month, and the mystery case will become available to purchase online via their website,

Every month your Book Case will be a surprise adding to the magic of unboxing your case.

What to expect

Natasha, the curator, spends a lot of time researching upcoming new releases, and only chooses the best she can find. Each case will come with either a paperback or hardback fiction novel.

Every book featured is a brand new release in South Africa. Some months the books are exclusive to The Book Case and won’t be available in the SA stores.

The case is also filled with bookish goodies for the avid bookworm including bookmarks, cards, journals, book pouches, mugs, prints, accessories, stickers, jewellery, candles and other awesome goodies.

Some of the items will be exclusive to The Book Case, made by local suppliers in SA and when possible, promotional items will be included. They strive to include a signed author’s letter every month.

Children’s Book Case

The Book Case have launched two exciting book cases for children. Natasha, being a new mom, believes in the importance of developing a love of reading from an early age.

They are aimed for both boys and girls and a variety of ages. The Junior Case is for 8 – 12 years of age and The Little case is for 4 – 7 years of age.

Each case will be filled with a highly- anticipated, age appropriate children’s novel and 2-3 unique, usable and developmental items built around the monthly theme that will encourage curiosity, inventiveness and imagination.

How it started

The Book Case

This bookish adventure was inspired by a mix between a love for reading and the joy of curating gifts for family and friends. They want to share their love for Literature, and help people get lost in the magic of books!

We want to spread the literary love!


Order your book case online via their website, Each case will cost you R480.00*, including nationwide door-to-door delivery. Look inside previous boxes on their Facebook and Instagram pages.


A book case was supplied for review purposes. Images and information supplied.

*Price correct January 2018

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