Nature's Farms review by The Mommy CityYou have probably already seen the Nature’s Farms range on Pick ‘n Pay shelves, and even tried out some of their pastas, flours, maize and biscuits. If you have, please let me know what you think. Besides the pretty packaging, there are a couple of good reasons why you should pick up a packet on your next shopping trip to try.

Nature’s Farm Range

Let’s start with the pasta. There are 6 different types available, and I used their macaroni to make my #NaturesFarmsChallenge Macaroni Cake. Did you see it? It was fun to make and a great party dish for the kids (and adults). The pasta boiled in minutes and still tastes fresh even when reheated. Often I cook our meals early afternoon so the kids can eat around 5:30, and then reheat dad’s meal after he gets home. The pasta doesn’t dry out and still good to eat, even as left overs.

Nature's Farms review by The Mommy CityLet’s talk biscuits. Nature’s Farm have 4 types: ginger, shortbread, choc chip and black forest. The black forest biscuits are especially worth a try as they are different from what you usually find on the shelves. The biscuits also stay fresh for a few days if kept in their packaging in a sealed container. The range of flours include brown bread, white bread and cake wheat flour. Just no self-raising flour. They also have maize meal, a local favourite.

What makes Nature’s Farms unique

Friendly to the environment: A container dam was built at the plant for the collection and recycling of storm water, as well as purified sewage water, with which the gardens are irrigated. Energy-saving lighting and motors are installed for propulsion. The orientation of the building was also taken into consideration during the design stage so that the influence of sunlight during the hot summers could be reduced to the minimum.

Totally owned by local producers: The business is totally own by its producers, based in the Northern Cape. Nature’s Farms can guarantee quality products, because they know their origin. On each packet you will see a name such as Highlands, Woodlands or Little Hut. This is the area in which the farm is. There are about 100 skilled and experienced members of staff working on-site and each is responsible for their own, unique tasks.

Uses latest technology: The best, latest technology and equipment in the world was acquired for the plant. A fully equipped, modern laboratory, which constantly monitors and tests to ensure quality control, and Halaal status has been awarded to the factory. The plant also has its own water and electricity supply.

Quality, consistency and origin on the farm. That is what consumers will taste in our local,
but world class products.


For more information on the Nature’s Farms range of products, please visit the GWK website, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. To find proudly South African recipes using Nature’s Farms product, follow the #NaturesFarmsChallenge on social media.


This is a sponsored post for GWK. Images my own.


One thought on “Cooking and baking with Nature’s Farms”

  1. I brought some of the Natures Farm biscuits thinking they would be filled with healthy ingredients as made out by the packaging but was horrified to see ingredients such ad hydrogenated fats and palm oil both known to be not only unhealthy but also very bad for the planet.
    It astounds me that companies think they can fool us all by pretty “wholesome”packaging.

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