M-Net Animania FestivalAs a family, we need no excuses to sit down on our little L-shaped couch and watch a movie together. What is usually up for debate is who gets the long end of the couch so they can have their feet up (me or Paige or both together) and, what movie are we going to watch. Paige is pretty relaxed about watching anything, dad would prefer to watch surfing movies (with or without surfing penguins) but secretly loves animations, we both do, but it’s Ethan who is the fussier one of us all. Anything involving cars and little yellow minions gets his vote of approval, but since it’s 3 to 1, he ends up watching what the rest of us want to watch.

Whenever I watch an animation, I think about how clever the creators, scriptwriters, production team, the graphic and voice artists are to make a movie that is visually outstanding and witty. The stories appeal to all ages and we can all fall in love with the characters as they journey through their fantasy lives and the obstacles they face along the way. Animations tend to delve into complex human emotions and life challenges including love, death, hatred, revenge, forgiveness and compassion. Granted young children may not grasp all these concepts or some of the humour may go over their heads, but these stories help them to process these life events. The music in animations are also so powerful and I remember whilst watching Happy Feet 2, looking over at Paige during the scene that Eric pleads to the walruses, and tears are streaming down her face. It was a reminder that our children are sensitive to what they are watching and we need to judge what is appropriate for them. In this case, we switched over to something more lighthearted and gave her a big kiss on her sweet wet cheeks. Chat about the movie, open it up for discussion and help answer any questions that are puzzling your children.

M-Net Movies Family Channel 105 will keep the family entertained this holiday with the best animated movies running all day, every day from 4 December to 12 January 2016. What is great about watching animations is that it can be a family activity which even dad and older siblings can enjoy, or a chance for you to have some peace to do a few chores or put your feet up. Especially in the heat of the day when it’s recommended to stay out the sun, it’s a lifesaver to be able to keep the kids entertained with a movie. Plan your outings for the morning and afternoons, and take a midday break on the couch. Enjoy some time out with the M-Net Animania Festival, have a laugh, sing along and even capture some of the fun on Dubsmash.

WIN 1 of 40 R1000 takealot.com vouchers with the Animania Movie Festival. All you have to do is enter the Animania Dubsmash competition and do your best lip syncing impression to a clip from the M-Net Movies Family Channel 105 featured movie for the week. How fun is that?! Enter on the M-Net Animania Festival website.

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