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Preschool and primary school teachers are modern day superheroes. They gently introduce our little ones to a love of learning and creativity, yet they are also tough enough to manage anything that could affect their learners. Even the horror of head lice in the classroom. Not so for most moms who dread the arrival of those unwelcome little visitors during the warm months.

I’ve blogged about head lice before as I know it’s such an important topic and us moms want to make the right decisions in order to avoid an infestation. Be sure to check out my ABC of lice and how to prevent head lice ruining school events. Talking about schools, do you know your school’s policy on head lice?

Head lice policy

Turns out, there is a South African head lice policy for schools to follow. If an outbreak is suspected children are inspected for nits, the little eggs that head lice lay and glue to the base of the hair. Being static, nits are easier to spot than adult head lice which move quite quickly. Nits hatch within seven days, so the closer a nit is to the scalp the fresher it is. Nit casings a centimeter or more from the scalp have already hatched.

If nits are spotted, parents are called, and the child goes home. As South Africa has a “no nit” policy, she can only come back after having been treated and when all traces of nits and lice have been combed out.

Back to school with Controlice®

Yes, it’s a worry, but chin up mom, Controlice® is the safe and trusted product range and method that moms have used successfully for over 15 years. Their website www.controlice.co.za has reassuring information about the little enemies and how to keep them away. Available from selected pharmacies and retailers.

Controlice® products

  • Controlice® Oil Spray (60 ml around R152*) or Controlice® Head Rinse (100 ml around R132*) both eliminate head lice once they have moved in.
  • As all nits and dead head lice must be combed out, a reusable Controlice® comb is a great investment.
  • Gentle Controlice® Defence Shampoo can be used daily on the whole family and contains active ingredients which can repel head lice. (125 ml around R107*)
  • Controlice® Defence Spray can help to repel head lice and detangle and condition hair. (100 ml around R107*)


Controlice® is giving away a hamper worth R1380 containing R880 of Controlice® products and a R500 Sorbet voucher for mom who will need pampering after sorting out the little crawlers. Enter on my Facebook page. Entries close Thursday, 12 March 2020 .


Visit www.controlice.co.za for more information and to shop online. Available at leading pharmacies.

*Prices correct at March 2020.

**For a diagnosis or if symptoms persist, consult a medical practitioner. Efficacy of support may vary between users. This unregistered medicine has not been evaluated by the SAHPRA for its quality, safety or intended use.


This is a sponsored post. Information provided by Nativa. Images my own and supplied.

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