Little Cotton Rabbit Egg Cosy Knitting Pattern

Thanks to Marie Kondo and her tidy revolution, many of us are asking ourselves what sparks joy for us. As someone who already enjoys a tidy home, most of my possessions are carefully placed and provide some function or meaning to me. Handmade items are particularly sentimental and well used. These hand knitted egg cosys by Little Cotton Rabbits certainly spark joy for me, and would find a special place in a child’s (or adult’s) heart.

Little Cotton Rabbits

Gifts which spark joy are handmade with love and are functional too. Items that can be used and appreciated by the receiver, and not relegated to a cupboard which will one day be cleaned out to make space for more forgotten items.

This bunny egg cosy brings cheer to the breakfast table whilst keeping dippy eggs warm for their toast soldiers. It also makes a cute Easter gift over a delicious chocolate egg. My kids like to use them as finger puppets. A quick modification to the pattern, and you could make the body narrower to fit over fingers.

A reasonably quick project, a cosy takes me around 5 hours to knit, stuff and finish. The yarn used is cotton, making them easier to wash.

Egg Cosy Knitting Pattern

Little Cotton Rabbit Egg Cosy Knitting Pattern

This egg cosy knitting pattern and many more Little Cotton Rabbits patterns are available to buy on designer Julie Williams Ravelry page. Her blog is a must read and every few weeks she posts updates about her everyday life, new patterns and helpful tutorials. I really am a big fan as her attention to detail, photographs and talent is inspiring.


This is not a sponsored or affiliate post. Images my own.

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