Creative Labels school labelsUpdate: This store is now closed.

A little while back I asked your advice on labels and stickers for Paige’s school things, and a big thank you to those who suggested various companies.

Since we started school quickly, I didn’t have time to organise labels and stuck to the method of using a black marker for her lunch box and juice bottle. This worked for a while but I got lazy and kept forgetting to do it, and I hadn’t labelled her clothing either.

I was lucky to win a toddler pack of personalised labels from Creative Labels and Paige’s school items are now properly labelled and looking very smart.

Her teachers are also pleased with them as they can’t remember whose things are whose all the time, some kids have the same juice bottles and it’s difficult to keep track of everything when you have a bunch of 2 years running around.

It really is worth labelling your items as shoes, hats, sunscreen, clothes, and lunch-boxes are expensive to replace. The cost of the labels will save you money and the aggravation of having to replace or find what’s lost. Creative Labels school labels

The Creative Labels website is clean and easy to navigate, with a variety of options and set packs and designs to make it easy to decide. Even though it’s nice to choose exactly what images you want on the labels and in what font, I would spend ages deciding, so their 14 designer theme labels are the way to go for quickly choosing what you want.

It was still a big decision for me, but the ‘seaside’ range won over ‘animal patch’, with 6 different colours and animals. The labels are easy to apply, waterproof, microwave and dishwasher safe.

The round bag tag is durable and coated in a flexible resin and has my cellphone number on the back. It attaches with a cable tie and even though I would have preferred a metal ring, it still works great.

Please visit their website for their full range and their Facebook page for latest news and gift ideas.


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