Balambie baby cot

Few products excite me more than the Balambie from Chameleon Baby. I can see the potential of this locally designed and made cot to provide a safe sleeping space for babies across homes in South Africa and around the world. For under R300* a newborn can sleep in safety and comfort whether at home, with caregivers or whilst travelling. The easy to assemble Balambie includes a carry bag, mattress and mattress cover.


Balambie baby cot

Chameleon Baby approached me a few weeks ago to review the Balambie. The concept of an affordable newborn cot excited me and I could see the various applications in both lower and higher income homes. Safety is crucial and it is designed by a mother considering the USA CPSC standards for cribs and bassinets. My concern though was whether parents would embrace the idea of a corrugated cardboard crib for baby.

You may spot in the photographs that my daughter’s doll is being used to demonstrate the cot. My children are well past the newborn stage so I am unable to test the cot myself. Instead I rely on my experience in forming my opinions on how the Balambie can benefit the family.

So why would you want to buy the Balambie? It is more than a cardboard box and I hope I can show you the potential of this affordable and safe sleeping option.

Firstly the price tag is an incredible R285* which makes it affordable as your newborn’s main sleeping space or an alternate option for caregivers and travel. Once your newborn has outgrown it, pay it forward by gifting it to a mother in need. There are a number of different uses, it’s easy to assemble and the design works.


  • Co-sleeping: place the Balambie next to your bed at night. Baby is close to you but safe and comfortable in their own sleeping space.
  • Around the home: being lightweight and portable, move the Balambie around the house so baby can be wherever you are in the day.
  • Grandparents and caregivers: easily transport the Balambie or purchase as an affordable second cot to store at grandparents, family and caregivers.
  • Travel: a space-saver option in the car and ideal for your holiday adventures including camping.
  • Guesthouses: offer your smallest guest a safe sleeping space which is affordable and can be stored away under the bed.
  • Charity: gift a Balambie to a mom in need.


Balambie baby cot
Balambie baby cot

The Balambie is assembled by fitting the three pieces into place. There are two side pieces and one main piece which folds down to form the base of the cot. The pieces fit into slots and secured by locking the flaps into place. The mattress sits on the base, waterproof side down, and the cover fits over the sides.

It takes only a minute to set up and will be quicker once you get the hang of it. Disassembling is as easy by removing the mattress, open the locks and pull the three pieces apart. Store flat packed in the carry case. Please watch the demonstration video by Chameleon Baby below.

Balambie baby cot
Balambie baby cot



Balambie baby cot

The designers have given the Balambie a new look with the pretty unisex tree and bird design. The green and brown colours suit both girls and boys and the calming illustrations would look good in any room. The Balambie sits securely on the floor and won’t easily tip over.

The carry case is equally sleek and stylish with a top zip and two handles. Flat packed, the Balambie is easy to transport and can be stored under a bed, furniture or in the cupboard.

What is impressive for the price is the inclusion of a mattress and mattress cover. The mattress has a waterproof cover underneath to prevent leaks and the top is fabric for baby to lie on. The mattress cover fits over both sides of the cot and can be easily removed for cleaning.

Balambie baby cot


  • Strong, safe and durable
  • Lightweight at 2.4 kg and holds 12kg
  • 0 – 4 months
  • Non-toxic ink and corrugate
  • Biodegradable
  • Cot dimensions: 88(length) x 44(height) x 52(depth)
  • Flat pack dimensions: 90(length) x 60(height) x 7(depth)


The Balambie currently retails for R285*. Please visit the Chameleon Baby online shop to place your order and for more details on their product range. Website at

Balambie baby cot


This is not a paid post. Balambie provided for review purposes. All images my own.

*Prices correct as at October 2019.

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