Babe Bee No Drop Bottle Strap

Ethan is at the phase where everything he gets a hold of has to be posted or dropped over the side. The washing machine and toilet are two of his favourite spots when I forget to close the doors – I have to watch him like a hawk!

It’s the same when we are out, bottles and toys go flying, so this no drop bottle strap from Babe Bee has come in handy. The strap tightens around a bottle, toy or taglet using a toggle to tighten, and clips to the car seat, pram, trolley and just about anywhere you need it.

Babe BeeThe strap takes the weight of the item and keeps it within reaching distance of your child. This makes driving safer too as you aren’t trying to reach back and pick up things off the floor, in a desperate attempt to calm your crying child.

For a full review and demonstration, please watch my You Tube video below.


You can visit their Facebook page and order your pack of two straps for R80 (excluding R35 packing and postage) directly from Brigitte on email


Product was sent for review purposes. Images my own.


WIN a baby hamper from Babe Bee in a choice of colours. Please like the Babe Bee Facebook page and have a look through their other handy baby products. Hamper includes:

    • No Drop Bottle Strap
    • Taggy Dummy Clip
    • No Wee on Me for boys OR Puzzle Ball

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