Yasmina from Mina Moo & Baby shares what’s in her baby bag

As Moms we all know there is just too little time in the day, so I’m all about easy and convenience and Sara’s bag reflects that. Since Sara was born I only ever carried the bare necessities as dealing with a infant seat, pram, diaper bag can be quite overwhelming and not to mention packing in/out can be quite tiring. I travel light and always have and streamlined Sara’s bag over and over again as I discover easier and more convenient products or ways to do things.

Sara’s bag itself is made out of cotton so its very light and washable, and measures about 30cm x 40cm. The bag itself is small, so it means less things go in, the less things/weight you need to cart around.

Changing bag is a recycled lingerie bag and the ‘flap’ part which doubles up as a changing pad as well.
No more than 3 diapers if I’m out for the day,
Travel or a sample size of bum cream/vaseline – less weight and less space
Clicks baby wipes (10’s) as they so compact and thin (I used to use the JnJ travel size) until I discovered this 1 which is much smaller.
Change of clothes: tights and t-shirt which is light and thin and which I leave in bag if not used.
Sun Hat and Sunblock for summer and of course a hand sanitiser after visiting changing rooms,playgrounds,restaurants.
And her Mina Moo bib,which she now uses as a fashion accessory in case we going somewhere unexpected and need to freshen up an outfit without actually changing into another outfit.

Sara’s Snack Bag (ziplock bag) which is handy in case you need to pack wet clothes/sticky items.
It consists of a no spill juice bottle always filled up (or a ready made milk bottle if we out in the evenings), biscuits/snackssqeeze n eat fruit pack as its no mess and has a convenient cap in case they don’t finish it.
A pouch of food/fruit. Both the sqeeze n eat and pouch is long life so are left in her bag if I don’t use it.
And a Toy which I leave in her bag so she doesn’t see it all the time but when she does she loves it as she thinks its new.

Everything gets left in the bag and I only ever top up her diapers and snacks. As you can see, I carry a few items which means Sara’s bag is smaller,lighter,easy to manage and tucks away nicely under her stroller.

Sara’s Bag Contents:
Changing bag containing:
3 diapers
Travel/sample size bum cream/vaseline
Change of clothes
Hand sanitiser

No spill juice bottle
Snacks + extra container + spoon
Sqeeze n eat fruit puree
Food/fruit pouch

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