You have probably seen me in the shops. I’m the harassed looking mom, feeding the kids snacks as I push them along in the trolley. In a tired pair of jeans, a top (that I may or may not have worn 3 days in a row), and my hair scrapped up into a ponytail, wearing sunglasses on my head for the sole purpose of trying to keep my frizzy strands of hair in place. Beauty Bulletin, The Mommy CityYup, I’ve been going through a typical mommy phase where my only goal is to survive the day and keep my kids alive, so I can tuck them into bed and pass out on the couch. Then wash and repeat.

It comes to a point though when you need to start spending some time on yourself. When people comment and are genuinely surprised to see you looking nice, you kind of wonder how bad you must look the rest of the time. So I was excited when Beauty Bulletin asked if I would like to collaborate as a mommy blogger, along with Stacey from Living Lionheart and Megan from Baby and the Beauty Blog. I feel I’m up to the task of bringing everyday beauty to busy moms and keeping true to my own beauty goals. Beauty Bulletin has tons of reviews and product information, and you can sign up as an influencer too.

Now I warn you, I’m starting to sound a lot like my mom, and probably your mom too. They have been through it – they know – and they also just want their little girls to feel and look pretty too. Whenever we go stay with my mom she sends me off to the hairdresser, takes me clothes shopping and tries to convince me to join a yoga class to get fit. The Mommy City Beauty ChallengeSo to inspire myself and other moms, I have put together easily achievable weekly beauty challenges which I will be sharing on my blog and Facebook page. They may not all apply to you, but I do hope they inspire you to take a few minutes for yourself so you can feel beautiful not only as a mom, but as a woman too.

My first challenge to you is to sort your makeup and throw away old and gloopy mascaras, sponges that have seen better days, and shades that don’t suit your skin. Keep only the items you will use and store them within easy reach (but not so the kids can get them) in glass jars, clear makeup bag or acrylic organisers. Clicks has a good budget selection of makeup holders and if you want something really nice, The Beauty Box have beautiful organisers. Enjoy sorting your makeup!

Makeup Organisers by The Mommy City


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