Treasure X Dragons Gold

The search for real gold dipped treasure continues with Treasure X Dragons Gold – Dragon Pack! Search for treasure through 10 levels of adventure to discover a stone or ultra rare gold dipped treasure. Treasure X is the ultimate Ethan-approved surprise-reveal collectible.

Quest for Treasure!

Treasure X Dragons Gold

Your quest for treasure begins at level 1 by finding the map. Rip through the gold layer protecting your treasure and discover the rock. Hold the Dragon’s Eye up to your eye and look through it to find the ‘X’ and reveal the treasure you may find. Now comes the fun digging part!

Treasure X Dragons Gold
Treasure Dragons Gold

Pro tip – for easier digging, place block under running water for 30 seconds. This is the messy part – what fun is all about – so best dig outside or over a wide bucket to make cleaning easier.

Dig your way through the rock using the X-cavator tool with the 4-ends. Discover the bones, wash all the parts in water and build your dragon. There are 8 Dragons to find and collect in the Treasure X Dragons Gold range.

Treasure X Dragons Gold
Treasure X Dragons Gold

Hidden stone or gold?

Find the Dragon’s Heart and open to reveal the reusable Dragon’s Ooze inside. Our treasure was a stone mutant brain – so gross and cool at the same time. Now display your finds for everyone to see.

Treasure X Dragons Gold
Treasure X Dragons Gold
Treasure X Dragons Gold


  • 1 x Rock Vessel
  • 1 x Dragon Eye
  • 1 x Dragon Figure
  • 1 x Dragon Heart Vessel
  • 1 x Treasure Item
  • 1 x Pick Tool
  • 1 x Storage Blister/Stand
  • 1 x Ooze
  • 1 x Map/Collector’s Guide
  • Ages 5+

Toxic Plunderers

Treasure X Dragons Gold

So what Dragon did we dig up and release from our treasure rock? The super rare glow in the dark Toxic Twin Dragon. He cleaned up nicely, except they do need their teeth cleaned again as they have some rock pieces still stuck in there! All parts are moveable, though since it was a build project, some of the limbs have a tendency to fall out and need putting together again.

This was a fun activity for the kids to enjoy and kept them busy for hours. Recommended by both Ethan and Paige and a toy that is on their wish list.


Treasure X Dragon packs are available at leading retailers nationwide and online. Visit for a full list of stockists.


This is not a paid post. Product supplied for review purposes. All images my own.

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