Paige loves her bath time and afterwards being wrapped up in her towel and dried off. Getting dressed though is another story as she is a wriggler. I usually use a hooded towel but have been using this towel apron which For Ur Babies sent me.

For ur Babies, Baby Boutique is a Cape Town company started by sisters Goitse and Lebo after struggling to find unique and cutting edge baby-related products. Their product list also includes multi-functional breast feeding covers, knitted baby apparel and toys.

The towel apron is made using high quality 100% towelling that is also hypo-allergenic and superabsorbent. The apron has adjustable criss-crossing bands on the back to keep it in place and to distribute the weight of the towel evenly and allow the wearer to dry the baby with the curved edges of the towel.

The criss-cross bands are also made of 100% cotton material. Paige is a bit too big now to dry her off with the sides of the towel whilst I’m wearing it but works as a splash cover and a towel to use on its own. It will be very useful for smaller babies when you want both hands free to lift them out the bath.

Uses of the towel apron

  • a splash proof apron
  • to dry off children during bath time
  • to dry off after a dip in the pool, sea or lake
  • a blanket (for the beach or pool side)

Good news is that The Mommy City readers get a 15% discount so pay R170 instead of R200 if you order before 28 February 2013. Please let them know you read about it on my blog when you order so they know to offer you the reduced price.

Check out their Facebook page or email them at to order.

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