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Johnsons So Much More - The Mommy CityThis post has been special to write, as I have had chance to go through my photos and relive many happy, and sometimes sad and anxious, experiences with my new family. These are a few of my more personal photos which capture mine and my husband’s bond with our children. Both Paige and Ethan were Cesarean births and I was able to hold them as soon as the pediatrician had done their checks. Even though I was slightly dazed by the drugs and the whole experience, the comfort of knowing that your child is safe and in your arms is all you focus on. I enjoyed my hospital stays and the help I received from the nurses whilst I recovered from my surgeries. I knew that this was my chance to rest as much as I could, learn as much as I could from the doctors and nurses, before having to go home with my little one. I was shown how to correctly hold my baby, how they should latch on my breast for feeding, and how to bath them for the first time. I got to have one-on-one time with them and to learn each other’s smell, heartbeat and touch. I was fortunate to have healthcare providers who understood the importance of bonding from day one.

Touch can at times also be overwhelming for both baby and parent. As a new parent you will learn to read your baby’s cues as to when they are over-stimulated and tired. If only they could read their parent’s cues as we also get tired and need time to recharge. With two children, I have found it more challenging to give both Paige and Ethan the individual attention they want without upsetting the other. That’s why it is important to make the most of the times you do have to bond with your baby and toddler, whether that’s during bathtime, nappy change, through massage, or at bedtime.

Bathtime is one of the best ways to calm, relax and enjoy time with your baby. This is also a time when dad can help and spend time bonding with their child. Set a calming mood by having low lighting, a warm room and preparing all the items you will need including baby top-to-toe wash, a soft towel and clothing. Johnson and Johnson have a library of articles and videos on how to bath your baby and show you that bathtime can be So Much More™. Once my children were big enough, I loved joining them in the bath and spend ages washing their hair, playing with the duckies, and counting toes.

Touch through massage is hugely beneficial for you and your child. Paige and I did a massage course when she was a baby and it’s easy to learn yourself with the help of Johnson and Johnson guides and video. Again, create a calming environment by keeping lighting low, the room warm and play soothing music. Warm baby oil or baby moisturising lotion between your hands and slowly massage the legs and feet, chest and arms, then back. Keep a nappy on for as long as you can to avoid any accidents and be sure to end off by wrapping your child warmly in a towel and give them lots of cuddles.

What experiences have you had that have proven the power of touch?


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