Tots in Smocks - The Mommy CityOur friend Colette is a shopaholic and when she moved to Madagascar with her husband, she fell in love with all the beautiful handmade smock dresses made by the ladies in the local markets.

As a mom to a boy (and another on the way), she still couldn’t resist buying girls dresses for friends and family. That’s when she decided to start Tots in Smocks, so she can enjoy finding all the gorgeous smock dresses and support the local seamstresses.

Collette is back in South Africa and has a wide selection of dresses available, which can be delivered locally and internationally.

You can browse her Facebook page and reserve the dresses by commenting on the photos, or email her for a catalogue at

Paige loves her dresses and felt like the prettiest girl ever in her pink and white dress (how big does she look – so grown up!)

Dresses are available in the following sizes:

  • 3 Months old
  • 6 Months old
  • 1 Years old
  • 2 Years old
  • 3-4 Years old


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