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Earthsap Tea Tree Toilet Seat SanitizerDo you dislike taking your children to public toilets as much as I do? I have perfected the art of hovering over the toilet seat, but I have not yet succeeded in teaching a three year old to do the same. This is why I ordered the Earthsap Tea Tree Toilet Sanitizer Spray from Faithful-To-Nature.

Public Toilets

I remember a conversation I had with friends and parents of older children. We were talking about how exciting it was that we were nearing the end of the nappy stage with Paige. Our joy was met with words of warning however, that now we were no longer using changing facilities at public toilets, we were going to have to use the adult toilets.

Earthsap Tea Tree Toilet Seat Sanitizer

No more outings where we could change nappies in the backseat of the car, or just about anywhere if we had a changing mat. Now we would have to walk/run to the nearest loo, and hope that it is clean enough to use. My husband also refuses to take the children to the men’s, unless an emergency, as he says they are far more dirty than the women’s.

So how was I to limit contact of my children’s precious little bums with germs? Besides hovering, I found the trick of placing sheets of toilet paper around the seat, doesn’t work with toddlers either. Wiping down the seat with wet wipes is another option, but the wipes are not flushable and carrying around a pack can be bulky. Toilet seat covers are not readily available, expensive and also environmentally unfriendly.

I needed a toilet sanitizer that was easy and accessible to carry. Now that my children are older, I have stopped taking my baby bag everywhere, and try fit items in my handbag.

Toilet Seat Sanitizer

During a browse through the Faithful-To-Nature website, I spotted a toilet seat sanitizer spray which had rave reviews. The Earthsap Tea Tree spray kills germs using a natural formula that is free of harsh synthetic chemicals.

Having a product that is both safe for use for children and the environment, is a big selling feature. Faithful-to-Nature thoroughly screen every product they sell, so you are assured that the item meets their strict ingredient policy.

This toilet seat cleaner can be used both at home and at public restrooms. If your little one is still potty training, and leaves a little mess, use the spray to clean up after them.


Earthsap Tea Tree Toilet Seat SanitizerThe Earthsap Tea Tree Toilet Seat Sanitizer is available online at Faithful-to-Nature and at selected retailers.


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