So there you are, around 30 weeks pregnant and counting down the weeks until baby arrives (and you finally get to see your toes again). Up until now you have been focused on baby’s health, having a safe pregnancy and trying to remember where you put your keys as preggie brain is a real thing. Now is the time that nesting sets in and the realisation that baby is coming and you have to be ready. The hospital bag will need to be packed as you may just have an early surprise.

Where do you begin when packing a hospital bag? I have put together a checking list of items I recommend taking for your delivery, which you can find on my hospital bag post.

The Kiddie Company Hospital Bag

The Kiddie Company Standard Pre-Packed Hospital BagTo make packing even easier, The Kiddie Company have put together a Standard Pre-Packed Hospital Bag with items for mom and baby. From the nappy bag to nipple cream, they have you covered. They have sourced parent’s most loved local and international brands and put together a hospital bag which you can feel confident in using. Add a few extra items, and you are ready for baby’s delivery.

We are a store that offers much needed products throughout every stage of motherhood. We are focused on convenience as we all live in a world where time is precious and once your journey has begun, time will become an even more important factor in your life. At the Kiddie Company we want to try and preserve much of this for you by making life simple!

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What’s in the bag?

The Kiddie Company Standard Pre-Packed Hospital BagThe standard pre-packed hospital bag includes essential items you will need for hospital. You have a choice between colour, size and scent options where applicable. Not only is buying a pre-packed bag more convenient, it also saves you money.

I did a price comparison between buying the items separately versus buying it pre-packed from The Kiddie Company. Taking an average between different retailers (I do love my sums), I found a R1 000 saving in buying the items pre-packed. That is incredible. So it really is an affordable option, whilst still getting top products from trusted brands.

It does not include an outfit for baby and personal hygiene products. Please have a look at my hospital checklist above, for more suggested items to pack.

If you prefer a leather nappy bag, please have a look at their executive pre-packed hospital bag option. This superior ready to go bag includes all the below and extra items for mom and baby.

For baby

The Kiddie Company Standard Pre-Packed Hospital Bag

  • Peppertree nappy bag and changing mat
  • Babysense cuddlewrap swaddle blanket
  • Oh Lief baby box
  • Pack of newborn nappies
  • Pack of wet wipes

For mom

The Kiddie Company Standard Pre-Packed Hospital Bag The Kiddie Company Standard Pre-Packed Hospital Bag

  • Peppertree toiletry bag
  • Oh Lief natural olive body lotion 200ml
  • Oh Lief natural olive bath and body lotion 100ml
  • Medela PureLan 100 7g tube
  • Medela contact nipple shields
  • Medela disposable nursing pads
  • Carriwell lace feeding bra
  • Carriwell maternity/hospital panties
  • Carriwell maternity pads

The Kiddie Company Standard Pre-Packed Hospital BagThe Kiddie Company Standard Pre-Packed Hospital Bag


Visit for orders. The Standard Pre-Packed Hospital Bag retails for R2 500* and the Executive Pre-Packed Hospital Bag for R6 000* including delivery.


Product supplied for review purposes. Images my own.

*Prices correct at July 2018.

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