The Company's Gardens

We had a lovely outing to The Company’s Gardens in the Cape Town city centre behind Wale Street. I was pleasantly surprised by how green, lush and relaxing the well-maintained gardens are and I could easily spend a couple of hours walking around and chilling on a picnic blanket.

We explored the grounds and aviary before enjoying a light lunch at the restaurant. It took me back to my childhood days, particularly the old-fashioned restaurant, and the simple enjoyment of taking a stroll with the family.

The gardens are open 7am -7pm daily and you can also explore the South African Museum, Planetarium, National Gallery, Jewish Museum and Parliament, which form part of the gardens.

The Company's GardensThe squirrels are extremely cute and for R5 a packet of raw peanuts, you can feed and make friends with these hungry little fellas.

The Egyptian geese have made the ponds their home and of course, you can’t go far in the city without finding pigeons and we also saw 2 monster rats!

To find out more about the history of the park, the attractions and for a map, please visit the City of Cape Town website.  The Company's Gardens

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