The Sunflower Fund Bandana Bib - The Mommy CityIt’s Bandana Day on 12 October and The Sunflower Fund have released this year’s new colours for sale for R25 at Pick ‘n Pay stores, Round Table Southern Africa branches and their offices in Westlake, Cape Town.

The bandanas are so bright and fun that I couldn’t help but think of a few sewing projects to make with them. Ethan is always in need of dribble bibs and not only does he look handsome in them, he is helping to support this worthy cause.

The Sunflower Fund is committed to help educate, recruit and raise funds for the South African Bone Marrow Registry. This non-profit organisation has a vision to give all South Africans diagnosed with leukaemia and other life-threatening blood disorders the chance of life, irrespective of their race and financial circumstances.

Their work is crucial as the chance of finding a compatible bone marrow donor is 1:100 000 so they need as many donors as they can from all ethnic groups. My hubby is a donor and once I’m eligible, I’ll sign up too, as I just think if my child needed a donor, I would hope someone could find it in their heart to help save their life. Signing up and donating is easier than you think so please take a look at their website to find out more about what you can do to help. 

To make the bibs, I traced a pattern from a bib we own and like and cut 1 front piece from the bandana and 1 back piece from flannel. I struggled to find non-patterned flannel so I bought cotton flannel receiving blankets to use.

Flannel is soft against the skin and more absorbent for all that drool – oh there is so much drool from one small boy! You can make around 4 bibs from 1 bandana, and I also made a matching dummy clip.

The suspender clips are available at fabric stores and I used a piece of ribbon for the loop. There are a bunch of great tutorials and projects with full instructions on Pinterest. I would love to see how creative you can be, so please share pics of what you make with your bandanas and I’ll be sharing some of my other projects in the next few weeks.

The Sunflower Fund Baby Bandana Bib - The Mommy City

WIN: I made two extra bibs and will be giving away a blue and orange bib and matching blue dummy clip to 1 reader. All you need to do is leave a comment below on my blog letting me know what non-profit organisation is the sale of bandanas in aid of? I’ll pop all the names in a bowl and get Ethan to pick the winner on Wednesday, 3 September 2014. The Sunflower Fund are also having a pet competition so check out their Facebook page for more details and a chance to win R12 000 worth of prizes. Good luck!


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    1. Hi Shari, I think you meant to post this comment on my factory shop post? Hip Hop Factory Shop at Harrington House, 35B Buitenkant Street will be a good place to look for matric dresses. You can call them on 021 465 0352 to check when they are running their best specials and what they have in stock. Have fun picking out that perfect dress!

  1. Hi there

    I’m looking to buy a few of those suspender clips but want to know the cost before I drive out to Parklands, and can’t get hold of Fabric Craze.

    Would you mind telling me what you paid for them please?

  2. Ooh I sooo want one of those bibs for my little baby boy, Mecca. He is 14 weeks old and has a Sunflower Blanket and Shorts. This will make him a Sunflower Designer Baby 🙂

  3. Great ideas and do you know whether there are any bandanas being sold elswhere before the day in October. I know that Sunflower Fund, educate, recruit and raise funds for the South African Bone Marrow Registry. Very grateful to them.

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