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Do you remember the sun ever being this fierce growing up? I can remember staying out in the sun all day without much worry but now I have to cover up with sunscreen just for a quick walk around the block.

Admittedly I’m not sun savy which irritates my husband to no end as he has had to put up with me after a few painful sunburns, and so now always checks I’ve got sunscreen on. I’m good with remembering about the kids, we have to be as 1) we owe it to them to protect their skin from damage and cancer and 2) dealing with a screaming sunburnt child is one of our worst fears.


Last year I was invited to Dermalogica on Wembley for a face mapping skin analysis, and even though I knew I had some skin damage, it’s a little worse than I had thought.

The Dermalogica consultant makes a thorough examination of your face and identifies your skin concerns and how to address them. My main concern is sun damage, particularly in my hair line and on the top of my ears.

I didn’t know that I needed to work my face cream and sunscreen into my hairline and I always forget to protect my ears.

Well, now I know and what to do about it, and you can also receive a complimentary face mapping at the Dermalogica concept stores at Wembley, V&A Waterfront or Rosebank.

Summer skincareBio-Oil

Bio-Oil is a brilliant product for summer skincare and can be used on dehydrated skin, uneven skin tone, ageing skin, sun burn, scars and stretch marks.

It helps to lock in moisture and supplements natural oils which can be stripped away by sun exposure, swimming, frequent bathing and air conditioning. Apply on your skin before using sunscreen or self-tanning, and at the end of the day add a few drops to your bath.

Bio-Oil is good for mom and children, but not for use on babies under 2 years as their skin is still very sensitive.


Ethan has fortunately grown out of his eczema, and after using many different lotions and potions recommended to us by friends, his doctor, paediatrician and dermatologist, we found Cetaphil to be the best product for us.

Not one product suits everyone with eczema, and you will need to find what works for your family, but in our experience the Cetaphil cream and wash helped lock in the moisture needed to protect Ethan’s delicate skin.

For his sunscreen, I use Cetaphil Daylong Kids SPF50+ which offers very high protection for delicate skin and is fragrance and paraben free. I like it’s pump dispenser as it squirts out the recommended dosage amount, so not too little or not too much, with guidelines for age.

What summer skincare products work for you and your family?


4 thoughts on “Summer sun skincare”

  1. Excellent article with some really great advice! I have been using Bio-Oil for years and am tempted to try the Cetaphil Daylong Kids SPF50+ as well after reading your article. I think I’m a little scared to have my skin mapped at Dermalogica, as I also grew up in the South African sun and know there will definitely be damage!

    I also wanted to mention Eucerin’s 12% Omega lotion. I get eczema on my hands which can be very uncomfortable and this product has been keeping my eczema under control without the need for prescription creams. You can buy it from most pharmacies and it does not have the harmful side effect that come with using prescription creams. It’s quite oily, but I find that’s exactly what irritated skin needs, and applying it once a day before bedtime is enough.

    1. Thanks Liesl for your suggestion of Eucerin, another good product. Finding that one product which keeps your skin under control without cortisone creams makes such a big difference for ezcema sufferers. Especially being an artist, your hands are your tools and need to be looked after.

      1. Absolutely Sarah – sore hands are really uncomfortable when I want to draw and paint! By the way I also wanted to say that I love the new photo of you, Paige and Ethan at the top of your page! You are a beautiful team! 🙂

    2. The skin is basically the largest organ in our bodies and it tends to be exposed to lots of elements, both good and bad present in our environment. Taking good care of the skin is important as it does not only affect our aesthetic value but it is also a reflection of our general health. But in case of trouble with the skin, how do you go about it? Here is a detailed review of some of the best sun creams for eczema.

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