The story behind Milton - The Mommy CityMilton goes back almost 100 years, when the Milton Pharmaceutical Company was founded in 1916. Milton was named after the poet, John Milton, as Milton was first manufactured in the house in London where the poet wrote “Paradise Lost”, an epic poem that is considered to be one of the greatest English literary works.

First World War

This was during the First World War and the original Milton fluid was used as a disinfectant and taken into the trenches to treat skin burns. During the War, chemical weapons were used and even though its killing capacity was limited, the injuries and burns were painful and horrific.

Removing the chemicals from the body and cleaning the wounds as quickly as possible reduced the severity of burns and injuries. After the war, the Milton Fluid continued to be used as a general antiseptic, disinfectant and food preservatives, as well as being used in hospital surgical procedures.

Ministry of Health

It was in the 1940’s that Milton pioneered a new approach to sterilising baby bottles after an outbreak of gastroenteritis in England, which led to the death of 4 500 babies.

The conventional method at the time of boiling bottles on the stove, was not adequate at killing germs and after a plea by the Ministry of Health to develop a better method of sterilising baby feeding equipment, Milton developed the cold water method.

Needing only cold water, Milton has been particularly beneficial in Africa, where hot water is not always readily available. Milton has been trusted in South African homes for 65 years now, and my mom relied on, as do I today.

Milton today

Microwave sterilisation technology has improved in recent years and Milton was hesitant to enter this market, unless they could introduce products that were not only innovative, but also better at killing germs.

After much research, last year they launched the dual use travel and combi microwave steriliser with pop-up vent system, for quicker and more effective sterilisation. The range also includes a trigger bottle surface spray, mini sterilising tablets and mini portable soother steriliser. Visit the Milton website for product information, latest news and Mum’s Club.


This is not a sponsored post. Images and content supplied by Milton.

The story behind Milton - The Mommy City

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