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Volpes Spring Collection picks by The Mommy CityI prefer Spring and Autumn best in Cape Town. This has a lot to do with liking jeans and T-shirt weather best, and it’s a lot less windy. I get to pack away the bulky winter jerseys, my fluffy gown and the thick bedroom duvet.

This year I didn’t do a big Spring clean because, well, it’s a whole lot of work and we have been working on the house throughout the year. I did, however, give my bedroom a mini makeover with a new duvet set and scatter cushions from Volpes.

I also painted my side tables with Annie Sloan chalk paint to match. The painting only took two episodes of The Good Wife and it really has made a difference to the look of the room.

For on top of my side table, I bought a beautiful trinket box with lid to store my cables and chargers.

My mini makeover has made a big difference in the feel of the room and my winter duvet can now stay in the cupboard for next season. If you are looking to do some Spring sorting of your own, I have some pointers and a few items on my wish list.

Bring Spring into your home:

  • Change your duvet inner for a lighter option. Consider whether 100% cotton, feather, micro-fibre or a multi-season inner is best suited to your needs. Volpes has a new range of Tencel duvet inners and pillows made from a botanic fibre extracted from the pulp of sustainable grown eucalyptus trees that offers exceptional moisture management.
  • Pack away your winter blankets and opt for a light throw. I still like a blanket on my bed to cuddle up with whilst reading, and it adds colour and texture to my bed.
  • Give your room a mini makeover with a new duvet cover. This small change will have a big impact on the mood of a room. My favourite Volpes duvet sets from their Spring range include the Edison Duck Egg Blue (top left), Swallows (top right) and Chevron in Mint (below left). Their Spring collection was inspired by ‘air’ and have used light fabrics and textures, pastel colours and feather inspired prints. Design style is such a personal choice and as you may have noticed, I’m a fan of blues and neutrals. There is however styles suited for all tastes and budgets, and I’m pretty sure you will find a duvet set in the Volpes collection you will want to fall asleep under.
  • Buy black-out curtains for the kid’s room. As summer approaches, sticking to bedtime routines is harder with the sun up earlier in the morning and later in the evening.
  • Clear the clutter by sorting through your items and tossing or recycling what you no longer need. I love the wire baskets from Volpes as they come in a variety of sizes and ideal for neatly storing magazines, toys and laundry.
  • Bring the scents of Spring in the home with a reed diffuser. They not only look pretty, they give your home it’s own personal scent.

Volpes Spring Collection picks by The Mommy City


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