When Paige was only a few months old she was gifted shoes which looked cute but were a pain for me. These particular shoes would just not stay on Paige’s feet and I was constantly looking behind, around, even above me (she is a good kicker!), so I wouldn’t loose them. Eventually I had enough, packed them away and hunted for shoes that would stay on! That’s when I bought shooshoos which I’m very happy with and are now the baby shoes I buy.

Why I love ♥ shooshoos

  • They are attractive shoes and come in a variety of styles
  • Made from soft leather so baby’s feet can develop naturally and they are recommended by paediatricians and podiatrists
  • They stay on! The ankle is elasticized so they fit snugly and accommodate for growing feet
  • No laces and they are elasticized or have a velcro strap. The velcro is good quality and still fastens perfectly after a lot of use
  • The soft soles are made from suede so they are not slippery and easy to walk in. Paige is not yet walking but after chatting with my mommy friends, they used the soft soles for a long time whilst their little ones were learning to walk. Bare feet is best but there are times when your baby does need to wear shoes like when the ground is rough, hot or cold. The suede is thin so it might wear quicker but it’s easier for your child to feel the ground underneath them and the foot can move naturally in the shoe
  • They are made in Cape Town – local is lekker

shooshoosThe soft soles are for ages 0-2 years and are good for indoor and light outdoor use. For 12-28 months, the shooshoos smileys have a rubber non-slip sole and are great for the active toddler. They come in various sizes and there is a sizing chart so you can measure your child’s feet or buy according to age.

Shooshoos were generous in giving Paige a pair of shoes to review and we chose the rhinos which are so cute for my little ranger. There is a lovely selection of animal shoes available and include elephants, giraffes, lion and warthog. You can buy shooshoos at select stores (incl. Baby City, Keedo) or on their website and I’m not alone in saying that it’s very simple and quick to order online.

My shooshoos were delivered the same day – I do live in Cape Town so it would be quicker – but still, that is quick! Thank you shooshoos!

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