The Room toddler bed - The Mommy City reviewTo buy a toddler bed, or not to buy a toddler bed, that is the question. I did a lot of research about whether or not to go straight to a single bed or to buy a toddler bed, and there were conflicting views from parents.

There are good reasons for both sides, and I think you need to look at your own wants and needs to decide what will be best for your family.

We finally decided on a toddler bed for Paige from The Room, and we have been so happy with it, and it is just the cutest piece of furniture and I wish I was little enough to sleep in it.

My reasons for getting a toddler bed

  • We already have a single bed so we would have only needed to buy clip on sides. Those sides though are still a few hundred rand and we would have the fuss of having to put them up and down when she climbs in, or else they could pull out/off.
  • I wanted Paige to be able to climb in and out of her bed easily and if she did manage to fall off, she wouldn’t fall far, as the toddler bed is that much lower to the ground.
  • Her room is small so the smaller bed also gives her more space to play. The bed is very cute and is a perfect mini-bed for a mini-person. You will need to get toddler bedding or use blankets as single duvets are too big.
  • She will grow out of the bed sooner than if she went straight to a single, but we didn’t mind as she would have a few years in it and then Ethan will sleep in it once he’s out the cot. Once he’s outgrown it, we will pop a load of cushions on it and they can use it as a reading seat and couch. It takes the weight as I often squeeze onto it to read a book with Paige or sleep next to her. She sometimes pats her pillow to ask me to lie down and so we curl up together for a cuddle.

The Room toddler bedWhy The Room toddler bed

  • There is less demand for toddler beds as single beds, so only a few companies build them. Of the companies I did find, most were plastic which I didn’t want or the design of the bed wasn’t right.
  • The Room’s toddler bed is wooden with inbuilt safety rails that run along half the bed, with a headboard and footboard.
  • We visited their showroom in Stellenbosch to make sure it was the right bed for Paige, and she climbed straight into it. Sold!
  • I think for the quality and comfort, it is reasonable at R2 260 for bed and mattress and I couldn’t find anything nicer when we looked a year ago.
  • The bed is made to order and available in a choice of colours. There can be a lead time of up to 6 weeks so order in good time. Delivery is countrywide and colour samples can be mailed to you.
  • Measurements: 1360mm x 710mm x 600mm high


If you are looking for furniture for your baby, toddler or tween’s room, you should have a look at their full range on their website, and follow them on Facebook for updates.


This is not a sponsored post. Images my own.

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