The Flying Pan - Reader Review on The Mommy CityIf you live in Cape Town and looking for the convenience of having healthy dinner options delivered to your home or work, you will want to check out The Flying Pan.

The Flying Pan

Reader and guest reviewer, Gcobisa Inno, had the tasty task of trying out The Flying Pan service for herself. This is what she said: “It was with great surprise that I found out that I was selected as The Mommy City reviewer for The Flying Pan. I was so excited and made sure I told all my friends and family.

The website was so friendly but I did however find the 10 o’clock cut off time to place your order for the next day too soon. Especially since this service is aimed at women who do not have enough hours in the day to make food.

The Flying Pan - Reader Review on The Mommy CityThis was my only gripe because once the food came I was taken aback by how good and so tasty the meals were, especially since I have always had this notion that healthy foods do not taste good.

You have an option of choosing between 3 different menus, all so scrumptious and I made sure that I tried out all 3 options.

So I placed my first order before 10 am of that day and the next day, like clockwork just before my lunch, my food was delivered by a friendly man who has smiling eyes. I was then blown away by the way the food looked because we first eat with our eyes and then our mouths.

The Flying Pan - Reader Review on The Mommy CityWhen I finally tasted my food it was so delicious …it was like little fairies moon walking on my tongue … lol. Every single day after this my colleagues and I looked forward to tasting this gourmet meal and we would all wait patiently for it to be delivered. This is a very convenient service and I like the portion sizes and it is so much healthier than eating greasy take away foods.

Well done to The Flying Pan team you guys are truly sitting on a gold mine and things can only get better from here… I will continue spreading the word on social media of how good your food is.”


To find out more and for orders, please visit their website or email Bridget at Have you used their service yet? Please comment with your review below.


Guest reviewer was supplied meals for review. Images from reviewer. The Flying Pan - Reader Review on The Mommy City

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