Did you attend antenatal classes and how did they help you prepare for your pregnancy and birth? Just Engage offers online antenatal classes for those who prefer the flexibility of learning online, with busy lives, and for moms who want a refresher course. We offered TMC reader Hazel Edginton a chance to review the course and hear what she had to say about the benefits and advice she would offer (there is also a discount voucher for every reader at the bottom of this post).

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  • You can choose the parts that are relevant and also go back over sections you want to see again. It was a particular plus to go over things at my own pace and when I had some time, as I worked full time up until a week before my daughter was born. Although my boyfriend was and still is very involved, getting him to go along to antenatal classes would have been a mission! It took a while to convince him to do the hospital tour.
  • The sections regarding a newborn are useful as well. Simple stuff, I probably watched that lesson on how to put the baby wrap on yourself and then to put baby in about 10 times before I nailed it. Sounds silly but one long piece of fabric when you don’t really know what you are doing is quite intimidating!
  • Regular contact via email to make sure everything was OK.


  • The course offers more benefits if you get going earlier in the pregnancy, as the healthy eating sections etc. are great if you are newly pregnant but I was probably too far along to truly appreciate it.
  • Being a type 2 diabetic, the course could offer a section covering common/chronic conditions in pregnancy.
  • It took 6 weeks of pain before breastfeeding became a pleasant experience, and wasn’t as enjoyable as it was made out to be. Even though I wouldn’t want to discourage first time moms, if they are aware that it can be tough but does get better, they may be more likely to push through and not give up early.

Hazel gave birth to her daughter Isabel on 11 September and she is the light of their lives. If you are uncertain about the need to do a course, watch the Just Engage promo video or take a read of their blog and articles What’s the point of antenatal classes? and Need a refresher? Keep informed by following Just Engage on Facebook and Twitter.Just Engage

Discount voucher:

All expecting readers will receive a fantastic 50% discount off a Just Engage antenatal course by using the voucher code ‘seconddegree‘ before 31 March 2015.

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