Poopsie Slime Surprise

With a title such as this, who wouldn’t be interested in finding out more about Poopsie Slime Surprise? Unicorn poop is ultra rare after all and if you can make it at home, why not! We got to mix our own thanks to Prima Toys who sent over a Poop Pack for us to try.

Poopsie Slime Surprise!

Poopsie Slime Surprise

Make your own magical unicorn poop (slime) with Poopsie Slime Surprise! Each magical package allows you to create surprise unicorn poop with that special, Poopsie dazzle! Step 1 is to unpack your Poopsie canister which transforms into a storage case.

Let’s see what you have got? There are different types of slimes with names that will make your kids giggles – like Under the Poocific, Fizzy Farts, Junk Foodie Doodies, Turdz of Paradise and Antfartica. We opened Purr-Fect Poo with a fun Stinks bottle and poopsie collectable.

Make unicorn poop!

Poopsie Slime Surprise
Poopsie Slime Surprise

You will find 10 magical surprises which you will use to make your slime. First, open your bottle which will be used to mix your poop in. Using the measuring cup, fill with water and add drops of the surprise scent to the bottle.

Tear open the unicorn food packet and pour the powder into the bottle. Replace the lid and give it a good shake. Open up and use the unicorn spoon to stir and remove the slime from the bottle. Sprinkle with unicorn magic (or unicorn sparkle if you have the rare slime), and see it shine.

Poopsie Slime Surprise
Poopsie Slime Surprise

The final step is to add some bling! Open the unicorn bling and gently fold it into the slime until it blings. Store the slime in your themed bottle and when you gotta go, take your slime with you in the collectible Poopsie keychain for magical fun anytime!

Poopsie Slime Surprise
Poopsie Slime Surprise


Poopsie Slime Surprise
  • 10 magical surprises
  • Unicorn food (slime powder)
  • Unicorn magic
  • Collectible bottle
  • Poop character keychain
  • Mystery scent dropper
  • Unicorn spoon
  • Collector’s guide
  • Ages 5+


Poopsie Slime Surprise! is available at leading retailers nationwide and online. Visit www.primatoys.co.za for a full list of stockists.


This is not a paid post. Product supplied for review purposes. All images my own.

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