Pet christmas stockingsEven though I am plenty busy, I am also learning to sew and have fun with it. When I was younger the sewing machine was my arch enemy and I could never thread it correctly and I would sew a few stitches and everything would tangle. Maybe with age comes patience but for some reason sewing has now become a pleasure and it is surprisingly easy considering I have only sewn 3 projects so far.

My mother-in-law has lent me her Elna and once I learnt how to thread it (there was a horror flashback moment when I had difficulty with the bobbin) I conceived plans for Christmas stockings. I will be making stockings for family but first I saw stockings for pets on Etsy and felt inspired to make some. I’m not a crazy person, I think, and my reasoning was more that they are easy to make (I am after all still learning to sew) and I wanted to learn to use felt.

I traced the stocking shape on an A4 sheet of paper as I didn’t want the stockings too big. For Kitty’s stocking, I traced a fish and a tip to make it symmetrical is fold a piece of paper in half, trace a half shape and cut the folded paper. I embroidered the names by hand and ‘Bash’ could be neater but somehow I don’t think he will mind. They are all slightly different and I am pleased with the end result. Next sewing project is Christmas stockings for Paige, Graeme and my brother’s-in-law.

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