Dress The Part

Whenever I browse a magazine, I look look through all the fashion, handbag choices and jewellery catalogues, and always pick out my favourite item. I ask myself if I have to choose just one, which one would it be? So you can imagine, I was more than a little keen when Superbalist asked if I would take part in their Dress The Part project. The challenge? Pick 5 dresses from their website for 5 different occasions. In some cases it was easy, for others it was a toss up between which dress I liked best. When I shop for clothes, I look for styles that suit my body shape, fabrics, cost, and if it fits within my mommy lifestyle.

Once you become a mom, your style changes. You opt for flats over heels, easy wear items that you don’t mind spit up, snot or finger paint all over, and possibly a nice dress for those odd days when someone has helped you get the kids ready so you have 5 minutes to put some makeup on and choose an outfit. Since we are passed the baby phase of parenting and into the toddler years, I can spend a little more time finding my style again, beyond jeans and a t-shirt. When picking a dress, I do look for longer length though to avoid any flashing of ‘mommy panties’ (not as large and beige as granny panties, but still the sensible cotton variety) as I bend over to pick up the kids.

My ‘mommy fashion’ advice is to stay away from voluminous wear or anything resembling maternity wear unless you are pregnant. From my experience, baggy doesn’t cover up your extra baby weight but accentuates it, and you will get asked when your next baby is due (or was that just me?). Opt for more tailored items and if you are going for loose fitting, ensure the outfit shows off your best features to keep it flattering. Here are my 5 dresses for 5 occasions.


Dress the Part with Superbalist by The Mommy CityI prefer to avoid black and white for weddings and daytime occasions, and opt for colours and patterns if I can. This Sissa Halterneck Dress in green is my first choice as an elegant and feminine dress. The mesh overlay hides any lumps and bumps, the length shows off the legs without being too short, whilst the beaded frame accentuates the shoulders. Wear with heels to elongate your legs, and take an extra pair of flats for garden events and hitting the dance floor in the evening (that’s if you can stay up that late with the kids).


Dress the Part with Superbalist by The Mommy CityThe black and nude spotted combination works well in this Seal Dress by Vero Moda. The cinched-in waist helps to break up the dress and I especially like the full length arms for an office outfit.


Dress the Part with Superbalist by The Mommy CityYou can’t go wrong with a little black dress (LBD) for a party and girls night out. Love that the light shines through the mesh overlay and the tailored bodice is flattering with chunky straps. The skirt is forgiving on the tummy and thighs, and shows off the legs at a nice knee length. Add in colour with shoes and accessories.

Day Adventure

Dress the Part with Superbalist by The Mommy CityI’m a navy and white stripes kinda gal, and add in leather accessories, and I’ve already bought it. The mid-length sleeves keep the chill off your arms when you are out and about on your kiddie adventures, and the scoop neckline is comfortable too. This is fitted, so chose underwear that helps flatten the tummy and avoid visible panty line (VPL).

Every Day

Dress the Part with Superbalist by The Mommy CityDid I not say I love navy? The Nava Rib Dress has a funky zip detail down the front, and ribbed crewneck detailing. I would wear this tunic dress with takkies for an everyday look. I did receive some good advice from a stylist to never wear plain white takkies – apparently screams ‘mommy look’ and not in a good way. Choose shoes with a funky pattern or colour detailing if you are going white.

So those are my 5 dresses for the Dress The Part challenge from Superbalist. What 5 dresses would you pick?

This post is sponsored by Superbalist

Drive organised with a car folder

King Price Accident FormMy husband had a bumper bash, nothing serious, but it was a reminder that accidents do happen. Touch wood it has never happened to me, but it does make you think about how you would handle the situation and who you would call. A while back I put my car insurance details on a slip of paper in my cubby hole, but since then it got crumpled up and eventually thrown away (which had a lot to do with a banana I forgot in the glove compartment, if only I could forget the memory of its liquified remains). I wanted to replace these details with an info sheet which is more comprehensive and most importantly, had an extra copy of my details which could be handed over to the other driver involved in the accident. By having all my details already written down, I could avoid delays at the scene of the accident, especially when the kids are in the car. I also know that I get flustered, and having everything on paper will help me keep calmer and I’m less likely to forget something important.

So here are my tips for putting together a folder for your car:

  • Download the King Price 2 page accident form free printable. Make two copies and fill one out in advance with your details to hand to the other driver, and leave a blank copy for you to fill out their details. Print an extra copy for in the event that there are more than two vehicles involved in the accident.
  • Download my free 3 page family medical information printable. In an emergency, you will have all your medical aid information and family history at the ready to hand over to emergency services. If you have one, include a copy of your medical aid card as well. These details are handy to have in the car anyway for emergency trips to the doctor or hospital.
  • Fill out the printables in pencil, that way if any of the details change, you can easily erase and amend.
  • To stop my papers from getting damaged (again), I bought an A5 plastic folder from my local stationery store which fits neatly in my car cubby hole. Now my papers are all safely kept together and I keep a pencil in there too so I have something handy to write with.

Should you get into an accident (and I really hope you don’t), what should you do next?

  • Drive organised with a car folder by The Mommy CityCall traffic services or ambulance if needed and stay safely buckled in the car whilst you wait.
  • Take photos of the accident, damage to the cars and licence plates with your phone or camera.
  • Ask the other driver(s) politely for their information, and avoid hostility if possible.
  • Don’t admit liability for the accident. Leave it to your car insurance company to handle the claim.
  • Report the accident in person within 24 hours at the police station or traffic department.
  • Make a claim with your car insurance company and they will require all the details about the accident and photographic evidence.

Now that you are feeling organised, how about downloading my free family folder printable and sort your car insurance documents away safely so you have them ready in the event of a claim. If you were ever to claim from insurance, your claim will be paid to the value of your car at the time of the accident. So even though you may have been paying insurance on a higher value, you still only get paid out the car’s actual worth. That’s why keeping track of your car’s value and adjusting your insurance regularly so you don’t pay excessive premiums is crucial. King Price do this for you, and decrease your premiums every month as the value of your car depreciates. At least that’s one admin task you don’t have to do and you save R8 each month, which over the long term, really adds up. Bonus! Let’s hope you never have to claim, but if something ever did happen on the roads, at least you are now prepared with your free printable and advice from King Price.

This is a sponsored post for King Price.

MooMoo Kids Beach Gown

MooMoo Kids Gown review by The Mommy CitySaturday mornings Paige, Ethan and myself go off to swimming lessons and learn to blow bubbles, kick and spend a good part of the lesson fixated on the toys rather than listening to the teacher. Paige has her individual lesson first and then patiently waits for Ethan and I to do our group lesson with 6 – 7 other tots. Paige is really very good and sits in her chair watching us all and every so often has a little giggle as we splash around. I have her MooMoo Kids gown ready which I zip up quickly over her wet costume before getting into the pool with Ethan. After class, we pop into a cubicle and Ethan and I zip up our gowns over our costumes and off we go to the car. I can be out within a minute, without having to change all 3 of us after a busy swimming class.

Our first lesson didn’t go as swimmingly. There were the 3 of us, huddled in a changing cubicle behind a thin white bath curtain, my bag overflowing with towels and changes of clothes, nappies and water bottles. Ethan played with the curtain, threatening to expose my half naked mom bod to the other moms, dads and innocent tots, as I wrestled with my wet one-piece costume whilst trying to reassure Paige that I will help her take her top off in just a minute … mommy just has to cover her naked bum first. Then I had to try dry the kids off enough while they squirmed, so I could dress them, wrap the wet costumes into a towel, pack the bag, find my car keys, and leave in a half dignified manner.

It was decided, I had to find a better routine or else I would dread swimming lessons. I ordered the MooMoo Kids beach gown for Paige and Ethan and an adult gown for myself. The sizes are generous and Paige is in the 3-4 years and you can see in the photo that the arms are still long and the gown is below her knees. The kids looks adorable, I look a little mad, and they keep us warm and dry until we get home where I then deal with changing in more peace. The gowns are great for the beach and even use them after bathing, or you can get the MooMoo Kids bath gown as well. Find them on the MooMooKids website or visit their Facebook page for their latest news.

Kids entertainment on ShowMax and a free trial

ShowMax Have you tried ShowMax yet? We signed up to the subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service on the day it was launched last year in South Africa. ShowMax offer a 7 day free trial, so we tried it and have been watching it since. Over the last few months it has improved in that they have added new shows and their unique download and watch later function. There are improvements to be made as they are still new and growing, but for R99 per month, you are getting great value. So what is it and what do you get for your money?

ShowMax is basically internet TV that allows you to watch load of movies, series and and children’s shows from any device as long as you have an internet connection. SVOD services mean you can watch your favourite shows back-to-back, with no adverts, from the very first episode. New shows are added constantly so there’s always something fresh to look forward to. ShowMax has the largest subscription video catalogue in Africa with more 20 000 episodes of local and international content.

What’s there for the kids?

ShowMax has classic and new titles for the kids from Disney and Nickelodeon including SpongeBob Squarepants, The Avengers series, Power Rangers and Dora the Explorer. The little ones will enjoy Shaun the Sheep, Teletubbies, Franny’s Feet and Winnie the Pooh. There are also educational programmes like LeapFrog and Super Why (one of our favourites) to help with early stage development.

Afrikaans kids shows

Struggling to find children’s programming in Afrikaans? ShowMax has a fantastic selection including Liewe Heksie, Heidi, Nils Holgerson and Sinbad that you won’t find elsewhere.

Plus there are plenty family-friendly movies to enjoy together. Browse all the kids shows on ShowMax »

Download and watch later

ShowMax has a unique function that allows you to download up to 25 shows and movies on your Android or iOS device and keep them for 30 days. This is perfect for keeping the kids busy on long trips when there is limited connectivity.

What do you need?

All you need to start streaming is a smartphone, tablet, laptop or smart TV and access to the internet. ShowMax has partnered with Telkom and Mweb to reduce your data costs and prepaid monthly vouchers can be bought from Pick n Pay – so you don’t have to use your credit card if you don’t want to

Sign up for your free trial

Go to ShowMax.com and sign up for a 7-day free trial now and check it out for yourself.

Smart Kids supplements range by Patrick Holford

Patrick Holford Smart Kids review by The Mommy CityKids need the added support of supplements, and that is a lot to do with our modern lifestyles and food production. Even if they are eating a variety of foods, a lot of meals and produce have been striped of their nutrients either in its production or though cooking methods. If they go to school, they have to be mentally and physically fit to sustain through the long days, and are also more prone to picking up nasty germs. Supplements are not just for winter and flu season, and if kids start taking them early enough, it becomes routine and a way of life. My kids take their vitamins just before bed. They come running to the kitchen to take their ‘medicine’ and then know to grab their waters before going to their rooms. That’s not to say getting them to sleep is any easier (that still takes a while), but at least they have a routine they know and like.

Patrick Holford sent me their Smart Kids range of supplements to try out. When choosing supplements, check that they contain the appropriate Nutrient Reference Value for your child’s age. You don’t want to be giving too little or too much of certain vitamins (that can be just as unhealthy) and if do give more than 1 supplement, check that you are not taking double of certain vitamins/minerals, or adjust the dosage. The Smart Kids range is formulated for varying age groups and nutritional requirements, and covers all the bases for physical and mental support.

Optimum Nutrition

The Smart Kids Optimum Nutrition is a daily vitamin and mineral supplement, and is sweetened with xylitol so your kids will enjoy taking them.


  • For ages 3 – 12+ years
  • Contains
  • Supports the immune systems and vitality
  • 60 chewable tablets (2 month supply for 3-5 years, 1 month supply for 6-8 years, 2-3 week supply for 9+ years)
  • Suitable for vegetarians

Chewable Omegas

The Smart Kids Chewable Omegas provides essential fatty acids for healthy brain function, immune support, emotional wellbeing and physical vitality. If the brain is nourished, your child is nourished. As it’s a softgel capsule, Ethan wasn’t sure about it the first time he tried it. After seeing his sister having them, well he couldn’t be left out, so he chews them happily now. When you bite down on it, you get the sweet flavour of the liquid inside, and then you chew the capsule which has a similar consistency of chewing gum.


  • For ages 2 – 11 years
  • Contains Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin E
  • Supports brain development, focus and concentration
  • 60 chewable softgel capsules (2 month supply for 2-5 years, 1 month supply for 6+ years)

Brain Food

The Smart Kids Brain Food provide nutritional support for school children and helps with concentration, memory and focus. They are sweetened with xylitol and contain no sugar. I wouldn’t say it was great tasting, but tasty enough for the kids to take them without complaints.


  • For ages 6 – 11+ years
  • Contains essential nutrients phospholipids and B Vitamins
  • Supports mental vitality and performance
  • 60 chewable tablets (2 month supply for 6-10 years, 1 month supply for 11+ years)
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Get Up and Go™

The Smart Kids Get up and Go™ nutritious breakfast shake is great for picky eaters and for a quick breakfast as you rush off the school. You can add dairy milk, soy milk, rice milk or water to blend the shake, and ideally blend in a fruit such as a banana, pear, peach, or handful of berries.


  • For ages 2 – 10+ years
  • Contains a balanced blend of essential proteins, carbohydrates, fibre, eseential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals,
  • The Low GL formula supports physical and mental vitality without a sugar rush
  • 300g providing minimum of 25 servings
  • Suitable for vegetarians

This range of products is manufactured locally and available to buy online at Juniva and at selected stockists. Each product has a Nappi Code and depending on your medical aid, you may be eligible for a refund from your medical fund. As an extra green incentive, for every 2000 products sold, Patrick Holford plants a tree through Greenpop.

Baby Sense Cellular Blanket

Baby Sense Cellular Blanket review by The Mommy CityI think every child has their favourite blankie. A blanket that makes them feel safe, that smells like their mom, and also keeps them snug at naptime. Paige at 4 years, still has her favourite blanket and bunny, which she grabs when she feels sad or sleepy, and needs the reassurance of feeling at home. Even as adults, that feeling of curling up in your duvet or pulling a blanket over you when you read a book, just feels so comforting. Blankets should last a good few years, which is why I like the Baby Sense cellular blanket as it’s made from 100% cotton and a large size. This blanket is soft, just the right weight, and will wash well. The extra large size means it will grow with your child, and fits Paige’s toddler bed. It is presented in a nice box which makes it an ideal gift and comes in four unisex designs in either white or grey.

Four designs:

  • White blanket with stone hearts
  • White blanket with rainbow hearts
  • White blanket with elephants
  • Grey blanket with bunnies


  • Breathable: The cellular construction offers insulation and breathability. The blanket helps to keep baby’s temperature regular, neither too hot nor too cold.
  • Generous size: The blanket’s generous size is versatile and can be used for many years as your baby grows. It can also be used out and about as a stroller shade or soft place to lay your baby on.
  • Comfort: The cellular blankets are 100% cotton and super soft.

Available to purchase on the Baby Sense website and selected stockists.

Schnooky Pie Handmade in SA Babygrows

Schnooky Pie Handmade in SA review by The Mommy CityIf you have seen one babygrow, you have seen them all, right? Not quite, as Durban based Jaclyn Holmes from Schnooky Pie has shown with the redesign of her proudly South African range of babygrows. So what makes her babygrows so different? The studs to open are down the back of the babygrow, as opposed to the front. There are a few ways to put the babygrow on: you can undo the entire back and slip over babies arms and then roll them and do up the studs, or just undo a few of the top studs (enough to fit over baby’s head) and then pull over baby’s head like a normal babygrow.

It’s unique, and it got me thinking whether it was comfortable for baby to be lying on the studs on their back? Jaclyn assured me that all the moms that have tried her babygrows have had no problems and actually love the studs once they were used to the idea. Her own baby girl has worn this style babygrow for over a year and hasn’t had any issues. Another thought in terms of the studs is that some babies sleep on their tummies and wear the normal baby grows which have studs down their fronts, so this was also something she considered when working on her design.

The front of her babygrows has a fun and locally inspired design created by an SA designer, with a funky contrasting design on the back. She even has glow in the dark prints, which is also something really unique. The print on some of the designs is also quite thick on the outside, but it too doesn’t cause any discomfort. Jaclyn does recommend handwashing and no tumble dry from a longevity point of view, but has seen no side effects when washing her own daughter’s babygrows in the washing machine.

How did Schnooky Pie start? Jaclyn tells the story like this. “In July 2014, my first child was born, a perfect little baby girl, my little Schnooky Pie – Mia. Within moments of her coming into the world, I felt a love so strong no words would ever be able to describe it. Along with this intense love, came an immense amount of responsibility as well as a passion to do everything in my power to offer my little girl the best future possible. Part of that passion later transformed into a love for sourcing and manufacturing the cutest and most unique Proudly South African clothes I could and as such, Schnooky Pie was born. My promise to you is that all items I add to my range are items which I love and which I believe are perfect for our most treasured little gifts.”

Schnooky Pie is an exclusive and Proudly South African baby clothing brand. Their passion is to develop a range of clothing that is not only unique and of high quality but that is also proudly sourced and manufactured in South Africa. From the fabric used to make up the garments, to the graphic designer and pattern maker who are responsible for creating the amazing designs, even down to the amazing ladies who sew the garments – they try to ensure that every step in the process remains true to its core – which is to be 100% Proudly South African. You can shop online at www.schnookypie.co.za and follow their Facebook page.

Schnooky Pie Handmade in SA review by The Mommy Citybaby