Two Oceans Aquarium, Cape Town, South Africa

Two Oceans Aquarium

My sister, Amy, had a ticket to the Two Oceans Aquarium which was about to expire so I took Paige for a little outing to see the penguins. Even though Paige is only 4 months she does like an outing and is more settled having been out and about. I also like my outings, especially…

Baby hammocks

Baby Hammocks by Lala Apha

We recently visited the moms in Knysna and spent our Saturday morning at the Sedgefield market where we came across this unique product. It looks pretty hippy, we were in Sedgefield after all, but worth a closer inspection. Paige had fun testing it out and enjoyed the attention she got. ‘Lala Apha’ is a Xhosa…


Boulders Beach babygro

Last year Graeme and I visited Boulders Beach and spotted this babygro at the San Parks visitors centre and promised ourselves we would be back to buy one when we fell pregnant. Once we knew we had a baby girl on the way we returned to buy one in pink. The fabric is silky soft…

dribble bibs

Clever little dribble bibs

How much drool can come out of one little cute mouth? A lot! Ooh so much! My mother-in-law found these great dribble bibs at Dis-Chem forĀ  R24.95 for 2. They are shorter than normal bibs with a plastic backing and wrap around the neck with a velcro strip to fasten. The plastic backing offers some…

baby food

The exciting world of food

Food is such an important part of our lives and it really is significant when your baby takes their first spoon of cereal. I feel that I have a responsibility to provide the best start so that Paige has a lifetime of healthy eating habits. My first step is to limit sugar intake for as…


16 week vaccinations and Thula Baby Centre

I cannot believe 16 weeks have already passed by and Paige has had her third set of vaccinations. Paige has taken the jabs in her stride and recovered quickly after an initial scream that makes my eyes water. Another thing that makes mom’s eyes water is the cost of the vaccinations but, they have to…


Driving Miss Paige

I think all parents have experienced that sinking feeling when their child starts to cry hysterically in the back seat of the car. It isn’t that ‘I will calm down in a minute and start sucking my thumb’ cry. Oh no, it’s so much worse, and it always happens when it’s not safe to pull…