Crazy ‘Bout Cape Town

Since shopping is a part of being a parent I thought it would be good to feature local businesses that cater to kids. If you have a business you would like me to feature, email me at

The V&A Waterfront is a pleasure to shop at and since it is a tourist hub, there are plenty of locally inspired goodies on sale. Crazy ‘Bout Cape Town is part of the Kushner Kids brand best known for the chalk man logo. They offer a variety of african inspired children’s clothing including the Cape Town range of baby gros and tops, perfect for tourists or as a gift for family and friends oversees. The quality and design is good and baby gros are priced from R125 and upwards. They also sell fairy outfits for little princesses.

The Funky Shop @ the V&A Waterfront

My sister, Jo, found the cutest babygro for Paige at The Funky Shop in the V&A Waterfront Craft Market, which has iPoo’d written on it. It was a toss up between ‘iPoo’d’ or ‘Diaper Loading’ but there are a lot of other funny designs written in English and Afrikaans. Their t-shirt range is from kiddies to adults with sayings like ‘mommy knows a lot, but granny knows everything’. There are also plenty of Cape Town inspired designs for your little lion or monkey.

Two Oceans Aquarium

My sister, Amy, had a ticket to the Two Oceans Aquarium which was about to expire so I took Paige for a little outing to see the penguins. Even though Paige is only 4 months she does like an outing and is more settled having been out and about. I also like my outings, especially if it includes marine creatures and a chance to take some pictures.

I enjoy how relaxing it is observing the fish and admiring how composed they are considering their every move is being watched! It was lovely to introduce Paige to the wonder that is nature but I had to laugh when, as a shark swam past her, all she was interested in was the light shining through the top of the tank. Fun fact, moms are not alone when battling lice, kelp has the the nasty critters too.

The Aquarium is situated at the V&A Waterfront and is open all year round and a perfect family outing, especially on rainy days. Besides all the wonderful creatures to see, children can also enjoy playing in the play centre and watching a puppet show. The baby facilities are great and they even have a separate baby change room for the dads. Baby carriers are available free of charge at the visitors desk for when your little one gets too heavy to hold. If you are looking for a party venue, they also host birthday parties with a number of packages and extras available to suit your needs and budget. Purchase tickets online as it is slightly cheaper and an annual pass could make a great pressie.

Baby Hammocks by Lala Apha


We recently visited the moms in Knysna and spent our Saturday morning at the Sedgefield market where we came across this unique product. It looks pretty hippy, we were in Sedgefield after all, but worth a closer inspection. Paige had fun testing it out and enjoyed the attention she got. ‘Lala Apha’ is a Xhosa phrase which means ‘lie here’ and the hammock was made for baby to sleep or sit comfortably whether it be inside the house, out on the deck or beneath the African stars on a camping trip. It is ideally suited for newborns and later up to a weight of about 15 kgs. The hammock has two positions: the cot position is horizontal and for those who can sit up or roll over, the hammock is tilted and their legs fit through the holes. The height of the hammock can be unjusted by shortening or lengthening the rope knots. The main limitation is that it needs to be secured into the ceiling with a bolt to take the weight and movement of your child. It is easier if you have beams in your house or a sturdy tree branch outside. The lady, Ana, who makes them is Spanish and she imports the fabric from Spain which is available in a number of prints and colours. The cost is R650 and you can contact her at and 082 802 1092.


Boulders Beach babygro

Last year Graeme and I visited Boulders Beach and spotted this babygro at the San Parks visitors centre and promised ourselves we would be back to buy one when we fell pregnant. Once we knew we had a baby girl on the way we returned to buy one in pink. The fabric is silky soft and comfy to wear as there are no metal poppers. The elasticated back needs to be pulled over the legs which is more of a fuss but Paige doesn’t seem to mind. They are available in white, blue and pink and cost R90 for 3-6 months, R120 for 6-12 months and R40 for the hat. They would make a great gift for babies of friends and family from overseas who would like something from Cape Town.

Clever little dribble bibs

How much drool can come out of one little cute mouth? A lot! Ooh so much! My mother-in-law found these great dribble bibs at Dis-Chem forĀ  R24.95 for 2. They are shorter than normal bibs with a plastic backing and wrap around the neck with a velcro strip to fasten. The plastic backing offers some protection but once soaked with drool, the wet leaks through onto the chest. Keep an extra dribble bib handy to change when needed. Paige is showing off her bib with my mom.

The exciting world of food

Food is such an important part of our lives and it really is significant when your baby takes their first spoon of cereal. I feel that I have a responsibility to provide the best start so that Paige has a lifetime of healthy eating habits. My first step is to limit sugar intake for as long as possible and so chosing a cereal without added sugar. Nestle does add sugar to their cereals so they are scratched off my shopping list. Purity, Hipp and Olli are options and I have taken advice from readers Talia and Anthea, and have chosen Hipp organic 100% baby rice cereal.

You can see in the photos how fascinated Paige is with the spoon and bowl but is not quite sure about the new taste. Still early days but looking forward to entering this new exciting world of food with Paige.