La Roche-Posay review by The Mommy City

La Roche-Posay skincare products

If you or your child has suffered with ezcema, or even dry skin, you will know the anguish of sleepless nights and itchy skin. Ethan battled, and after trying many different options, and taking a holistic approach to caring for his skin, his skin improved dramatically. It was through this process, that I also considered…

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Latest toys and boardgames for the family

There are two things I am enjoying most this winter holiday. Sitting by the fireplace reading or playing a game, and the kids happily playing together (without me). Paige and Ethan are finally playing nicely together for up to an hour sometimes, without fighting (*gasp*). They are at such a nice age where they are…

Hot Toddy

Family remedies made easy with Hot Toddy

The Hot Toddy range has been developed from remedies passed down through generations, incorporating secret recipes families have faithfully relied on for centuries to assist in treating colds and flu. Today they are conveniently packaged for us in the Hot Toddy range of products. Adults have a choice between the aromatic soothing hot tea, hot…

Masterchef Cooking Set

Masterchef launches Cooking Sets for Kids

Cooking with your kids usually requires yummy ingredients, a mop, and a good dose of patience from mom. We have had some fun making chocolate cookies, fairy cakes and breakfast bars, amongst other recipes. I can’t say I have enjoyed all my time with the kids in the kitchen, but we have made some delicious,…