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I LOVE this CD. Yeah I know … when you hear the words ‘Children’s music’ coming out of somebody’s mouth … you think Kindergarten, screechy kids and ‘Old McDonald had a farm’ … when I was told by my pottery teacher the other day that she was busy promoting her son’s music CD for children, and that we were about to listen to it, I thought exactly that.

BUT what a stigma there’s attached to this sort of thing (as there is to pottery, mind you … pottery is teaching me boundaries while creatively satisfying my creative need to creatively create something with my hands other than key-board words for blog-updates).

I was so pleasantly surprised by the quality of the music and the lyrics that I immediately bought 2 CDs, one for my babe, and one for my niece. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these songs. I could actually imagine listening to this CD for a long car drive for example. It’s super easy on the (adult) ears.

The ‘flavour’ is South-African, it is locally produced and even has a ‘quiet time’ session from track 14 onwards, which doesn’t only chill out the kids, but does its bit for the adults as well.

It is called Our Beautiful Country – Music for children to dance and sing to – by Leon Visser. Their Album Launch will be held on the 17th December at Monkey Valley, Noordhoek area, Cape Town. Check their website for more information. Local is lekker!

Jennifer Groth-Fennessy from A Site for Newborn Parents
My blog is my ode to the family of life – it is a site for newborn parents – Because, did you realise it takes a baby to make a parent? It is a blog about ‘learning-by-doing’ and sharing those ‘lessons’.

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