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Update: Subscription service ended.

It’s pretty exciting receiving parcels by courier, and somehow Paige just knew this box was especially for her. It may have been the colours or she recognised the owl logo, but she started unpacking her Mysmartkid subscription box and got playing right away. Mysmartkid is a subscription programme and every two months a Smartbox is sent to your home filled with age-appropriate toys and activities to help make play and learning fun. We were sent the 3-4 year Smartbox, so you can take a look inside to see what it is all about.

What was in our Smartbox?

  • Two free welcome gifts of a Mysmartkid kiddies’ backpack and Early Childhood Development handbook for parents. The backpack is a good size, with padded shoulder straps and has a mesh pocket on the side for a juice bottle. The handbook was compiled exclusively for Mysmartkid by occupational therapist Carla Grobler, and has a growing up step by step checklist and age-appropriate stimulation activities from birth to 7 years of age. It shows you what milestones your child should reach by a certain age and what activities will encourage their development in a fun way.
  • Parent guide discussing the developmental area to focus on for this box, the relevant milestones for the age group and expert tips from an occupational therapist. What is important to me and to Mysmartkid, is for parents to remember that children develop at their own pace, and not to put pressure on oneself or your children. If you are engaging with your children and providing enough stimulation, they will get there when they are ready. This month we focus on concepts, so helping Paige’s orientation, improve gross motor coordination skills and spatial perception.
  • The three toys chosen for the 3-4 year age group were coloured wooden blocks in a drawstring bag, pegboard and threading game, and a wooden shapes puzzle. The toys are all locally made in South Africa, teacher approved and are of a lovely quality. The parent guide explains how to use each toy, and extra play ideas as your child masters each concept. Using this guide, along with the instructions included in the games, you will be able to keep the toy challenging and fun for quite a few months. Ethan is too young for the games but does like the blocks (can you spot his hand grabbing for the purple block in the photo above? Little monster!)
  • It may not be in the box, but as a member you will also receive a regular email newsletter with extra activities and advice, and access to additional downloads off their website. If you want to buy more toys for your children or as gifts, members also get exclusive discounts on the Mysmartkid online shop

The Mysmartkid programme costs R295 every second month, including delivery, for a year’s subscription. It is available in both English and Afrikaans. To join or for more information about the programme, please visit their website, Facebook, call 0861 555 224 or email newapps@mysmartkid.com. They have a 100% money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose if you decide not to take up membership and return within 14 days.

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