After completing my pet Christmas stockings I was feeling confident I could tackle the rest of the family’s stockings. This will be Paige’s first Christmas so she needs a stocking, my husband and my two brother-in-laws were also needing some. The men didn’t care about Christmas stockings (surprise that!) so they didn’t ask for stockings as much as I told them they needed some and since I was making, I would make for them too. Graeme grew up with pillowcases for stockings and tried to convince me that my pregnancy pillow – you know the meter long one you sleep with between your legs – would make the perfect stocking for him. It would if he wanted it filled with air – which he doesn’t – so he has to be content with his much smaller but made with love stocking.

I wasn’t a fan of the Christmas fabrics I could find and spotted a red and white patterned polycotton which, to me, had an African Christmas feel. I found it at Fabric City at R12 a metre – bargain – so used it as both my outer fabric and lining. I also used red felt for the men’s stockings and white fake fur fabric which I borrowed (took) from my mom’s stash of fabric, for Paige’s. The stocking in the middle is mine which I have had since a little girl. I wasn’t sure whether Paige’s stocking was baby/girly enough – I sewed on a bell to make it jingle – but I guess it is a stocking she can use for many years to come. There are a number of free tutorials online but I liked the one from Cluck Cluck Sew because it was easy to follow and the method she uses means the seams are hidden. Please feel free to send me any photos of your homemade Christmas stockings to to post on my blog.


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