MooMoo kids popper UV suitSummer is on its way and we have enjoyed a few days in the sun so far. I’m loving the warmer weather but with it comes the harsh sun, which after a few painful sunburns (I’m naughty with applying sunscreen to myself – just ask my husband who keeps telling me off), I know all too well.

I have to be more responsible though with Paige and since she loves the water, she needed a proper UV swimsuit. MooMoo kids were kind enough to send a poppersuit for Paige so she can hit the beach and enjoy some sun safely.

There are a few reasons why I like the poppersuit – most of all it has a maximum UV protection of UPF80. UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) is a rating system for measuring the UV protection of fabric, similar to SPF (Sun Protection Factor) which is used to measure sunscreen.

A UPF rating of 80 means that only 1/80th (around 1%) of UV radiation can penetrate the fabric, and is the maximum sun protection you can get.

The poppersuit is designed to cover as much of the body as is comfortable with long sleeves and knee length to allow for crawling. The suit is designed for babies and toddlers and has poppers to allow for easy nappy changes.

MooMoo KidsFeatures

  • poppers for easy nappy changes
  • long sleeves to minimise the amount of exposed skin (and reduce the amount of sunscreen needed)
  • UPF 80 sun protection
  • endorsed by the Cancer Association of South Africa
  • sizes from 6-12 months and 12-24 months
  • available in a variety of colours

To find out more about their product range and for online orders visit, their Facebook page or telephone (021) 702 2174. Have fun in the sun!

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