MooMoo Kids sunhatThere is no doubt that the South African sun is fierce and little ones particularly, need to protect their face and skin. MooMoo kids have a range of sunwear for children 6 months to 8 years including sunsuits, beach gowns, cozzi nappies and sunhats.

Their widebrimmed sunhats shade the face and neck and are made from 100% woven cotton which has been certified UPF50+. Paige had another sunhat which she kept pulling off and I knew she needed to wear one, so I bought this hat in the hope she would keep it on.

I liked that it had an adjustable toggle, rather than a strap under the chin, which tightens to fit the head snuggly and doesn’t blow away in the Cape Town wind. I’ve never had a problem with her wearing it, I think because it’s light weight and comfortable to wear. Also, when I put her hat on, she knows she’s going to get to play outside.

The sunhats come in a variety of fun prints and made in two sizes: toddler (12 months to 4 years) and preschooler (4-7 years). The wide-brimmed hat can be purchased on their website. Also have a look at their UV suncap with flaps for another hat option.

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