MooMoo Kids beach gowns review by The Mommy CitySaturday mornings Paige, Ethan and myself go off to swimming lessons and learn to blow bubbles, kick and spend a good part of the lesson fixated on the toys rather than listening to the teacher.

Paige has her individual lesson first and then patiently waits for Ethan and I to do our group lesson with 6 – 7 other tots. Paige is really very good and sits in her chair watching us all and every so often has a little giggle as we splash around.

I have her MooMoo Kids gown ready which I zip up quickly over her wet costume before getting into the pool with Ethan. After class, we pop into a cubicle and Ethan and I zip up our gowns over our costumes and off we go to the car. I can be out within a minute, without having to change all 3 of us after a busy swimming class.

Our first lesson didn’t go as swimmingly. There were the 3 of us, huddled in a changing cubicle behind a thin white bath curtain, my bag overflowing with towels and changes of clothes, nappies and water bottles.

Ethan played with the curtain, threatening to expose my half naked mom bod to the other moms, dads and innocent tots, as I wrestled with my wet one-piece costume whilst trying to reassure Paige that I will help her take her top off in just a minute … mommy just has to cover her naked bum first.

Then I had to try dry the kids off enough while they squirmed, so I could dress them, wrap the wet costumes into a towel, pack the bag, find my car keys, and leave in a half dignified manner.

It was decided, I had to find a better routine or else I would dread swimming lessons.

MooMoo Kids beach gowns review by The Mommy CityI ordered the MooMoo Kids beach gown for Paige and Ethan and an adult gown for myself. The sizes are generous and Paige is in the 3-4 years and you can see in the photo that the arms are still long and the gown is below her knees.

The kids looks adorable, I look a little mad, and they keep us warm and dry until we get home where I then deal with changing in more peace.

The gowns are great for the beach and even use them after bathing, or you can get the MooMoo Kids bath gown as well.


Find them on the MooMooKids website or visit their Facebook page for their latest news.


This is not a sponsored post. I purchased all clothing items.

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