Beauty Legacy by The Mommy CityThe intention behind my weekly mom beauty challenges is to share my baby steps to regaining confidence in my body and self. Beauty to me is not about makeup, it’s about feeling happy in your own body and not letting your insecurities stop you from doing what you want to do in life. Beauty to me is having confidence to take more photos of myself with my children and not worrying about my double chin; to wear a swimsuit at the beach whilst we splash in the waves and build giant sandcastles for Ethan to knock down; and slip into a dress for dinner with my husband. I haven’t felt beautiful like this for a while, and I want to regain that confidence by spending more time for myself (and with a little help from makeup).

I’ve said it before, I know that Paige will be looking to me as a role model and if I hate my body, she will learn to hate hers too. I don’t want her to grow up with body issues, and even though I can’t protect her from the outside world and the influences of friends and the media, it is within my power to teach her to love herself in and out, by loving myself and my body. This video makes me even more aware of my role as a mother and as a role model for all young girls. So my challenge to you is to identify your words and actions that negatively impact the way you see yourself, and are observed by your children. Find what makes you feel beautiful to create a positive beauty legacy for your children and grandchildren.

Dove Self-Esteem Project

Dove believes all women have a role to play in setting a confident example for the next generation by feeling good about their own beauty and acting with positivity towards the way they look. As part of its commitment to helping the next generation of women raise their self-esteem and realise their full potential, the Dove Self-Esteem Project delivers self-esteem education to young people (primarily girls) aged 7-17 years through lessons in schools, activities for mentors, online resources for parents and partnerships with youth organizations.

What's your #BeautyLegacyDove Self-Esteem Project resources have been developed in collaboration with parents, teachers, youth leaders and self-esteem experts as well as endorsed by an independent global advisory board and academically validated to prove their positive impact. The education programmes and fun interactive activities, downloadable at, are designed to help girls overcome beauty-related anxieties that stop them from being happy and confident. The Dove Self-Esteem Project has reached over 16 million young people globally to date with self-esteem education and with your help we can reach even more. Visit the Dove South Africa website, the Dove Facebook page or follow @Dove_ZA on Twitter for more information.


This is not a sponsored post. The video and content was provided by Dove South Africa.

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