I’ve been on the hunt for a good bib for a while and I have found what I was after. Paige is a drooler, less so now, but she still has to wear a bib to stop her chest from getting wet. I’ve had my issues with bibs – they get wet too quickly, they cover up pretty outfits and they can get mouldy. If I had to hear one more person comment that her bib was wet, even though I had just changed it and I was always changing bibs, I would scream! So my mission was to find a bib that kept Paige dry, did not cover up her outfits and looked good, but didn’t cost the earth. The bibs by Mina Moo ticked all the boxes and they are made in Cape Town so even better.

What I like most is the fun 100% cotton fabrics that come in an array of patterns and prints for boys and girls. The bandana shape fits neatly around her neck and lifts away from her chest so it keeps her drier for longer. They snap closed with poppers (much better than velcro) in 2 positions so they will fit your child for longer. You can machine wash them and even though they say not to tumble dry in order to prolong the life of the bib, I do on a low heat and they still look good. I have been surprised by how absorbent they have been and they are priced reasonably at R40*. Check out their website to see their full range and to order. Happy dry baby!

*Prices correct at November 2012

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