Melsbuzz was started by Mel, a mom wanting to provide unique and practical baby products for other everyday moms. She has a range of 14 products that she sells through her Facebook page, in Kids Emporium stores and Baby City (selected products). She kindly sent me these 4 for Paige and Ethan to try out. Find out more about Mel and her business in the behind the scenes post tomorrow.

Mels Buzz baby accessories review - The Mommy City

Pop on pop off ribbon clip

Made from cotton ribbon, it can be adjusted to a minimum length of approx 35cm and a maximum length of approx 57cm. This simple clip has numerous uses and converts serviettes into bibs (perfect for when you are at a restaurant), converts a blanket into a feeding cover and is also a toy clip for the pram.

I use a blanket and clips to keep Ethan shaded and cosy whilst he sleeps in his sling. This clip is my favourite as the simple design can be used for so many things and is small to pop in your bag. One clip can be removed so you can use the poppers instead. It is sold with 5 serviettes to keep handy in your nappy bag.

Mels Buzz baby accessories review - The Mommy CityBib mat

This is a best seller and is a placemat and bib in one. The placemat attaches to almost any surface with 2 suckers and drops down into the lap to catch messes. The bib part attaches behind the neck with Velcro and has a waterproof backing for no spills.

The suckers won’t stick on a table cloth but I find that a plate or bowl will keep the placemat down, and unless your child moves a lot or pushes the bib, it should stay in place. It rolls up easily in a nappy bag for eating out. It comes in different colours and I think this space themed fabric is fun. This is what Paige looks like first thing in the morning and you really don’t want to see what I look like!

Mels Buzz baby accessories review - The Mommy CityBandana Bib

Mel has been making these for 5 years now and uses 100% cotton and a special micro fibre backing that is super absorbent and keeps clothes dry. It fastens with a popper and is machine washable and mine came out the tumble dryer just fine. Ethan is my little handsome boy!

Mels Buzz baby accessories review - The Mommy CityDummy ribbons

The dummy clips come in packs of 3 different ribbons so you can match them with different baby outfits. I really liked the colours I was sent and there are now also character ribbons like Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty available. The 3 pack will each have a character, a stripe and a plain ribbon. There is 1 clip that can be removed and secured with a popper to the ribbons. The reason why she removes the clip is that they rust if you wash them in the washing machine so this way the clip never has to get washed.  These dummy ribbons are a little longer than other makes I own and can be used as a toy clip for the pram.

Email Mel at for more information on her products and prices.

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