Masterchef Cooking SetCooking with your kids usually requires yummy ingredients, a mop, and a good dose of patience from mom. We have had some fun making chocolate cookies, fairy cakes and breakfast bars, amongst other recipes.

I can’t say I have enjoyed all my time with the kids in the kitchen, but we have made some delicious, spoon-licking treats and memories, which made it worth it. Whilst the kids are small, I do prefer their help with baking rather than cooking, as it involves less knives. They do also like to help out with the washing up, but that usually involves even more cleaning afterwards!

Masterchef Cooking SetHelping your kids in the kitchen

My motives in getting the kids helping in the kitchen at a young age are somewhat selfish in that:

  • I imagine a day when I can sit down to a breakfast or meal prepared by my children. A meal without broken egg shell, burnt bits and all the dishes are cleaned by my helpful kids.
  • By instilling a joy for food, they will be more willing to experiment with different food types and become less fussy.
  • My children will start to enjoy grocery shopping, and become more involved in writing down a list and buying ingredients.

Masterchef Junior

A brand new Masterchef Junior product range is now available for children who enjoy cooking or want to experiment in the kitchen. Designed especially for children the new MasterChef Junior cooking range recreates the fun and excitement of the hit TV series at home.

Masterchef Junior cooking range

Each set includes real cooking tools with kid-safe, non-slip silicone grips and features three unique recipe cards for all levels of experience – line cook, sous chef and master chef – plus one blank recipe card to write your own recipe.

Masterchef Cooking Set

There are five sets in the range including the Cooking Essential Set Breakfast Cooking Set, Pizza Cooking Set, Burger Cooking Set and Baking Kitchen Set.


The product sets come in playful colours and the cooking tool sizes are perfect for a child’s hands. Ideal for ages six plus. The Masterchef Cooking Sets are available at toy stores countrywide from R599.99.


This is not a sponsored post. The information and the Masterchef Cooking Essential Set was given to me. Own and supplied images.


4 thoughts on “Masterchef launches Cooking Sets for Kids”

  1. My daughter is an avid little baker and its great bonding time and also something that the therapist has recommended to assist with her delays. Really need to get her this she would love it

  2. These are great…my daughter would love it, but oi…just out of my budget.

    I agree though, get them started. lol. My daughter has started cooking and she actually made a delicious supper one night. She’s 8. My son is 5 and also loves to help out. I cant wait to get pancakes and coffee in bed vs the popcorn/niknaks/stale rusk and coke they currently surprise us with some mornings. lol

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