L.O.L Surprise Sparkle Series

What’s in the ball? It’s a surprise, until we strip back the two layers of wrapping to reveal Paige’s first L.O.L. doll! Of course we have heard all about the L.O.L. toy craze before now. Due to it’s popularity you will find their displays in many stores and is our local toy shops best seller. It has also been a popular birthday party theme of friends. Now thanks to Prima Toys, we have been able to review the new Sparkle Series.

L.O.L. Surprise!

L.O.L Surprise Sparkle Series

Unbox 7 surprises with each L.O.L Surprise Sparkle Series doll. L.O.L Surprise Sparkle Series includes Series 3 dolls dressed with sparkle glitter finishes from head to toe. Collect all 12 characters with 10 fabulous dolls (including 1 boy doll), 1 rare independent queen and 1 ultra-rare boss queen.

L.O.L Surprise Sparkle Series

Each ball doubles as a character stand to display your doll that can hang anywhere. Feed or bathe your L.O.L Surprise Series doll to discover if she cries, spits, tinkles, or colour changes.

Sparkle Series Showbaby

L.O.L Surprise Sparkle Series

Each L.O.L. is a surprise until you unwrap the packaging to find your doll and accessories. Our fabulous, glittery doll is Showbaby! She showcases a feather headdress, wings, costume and shoes. Fill her mug with water and see her cry after she drinks.

Not that we want to see her cry. Though the added feature of water may appeal to many, I don’t think we will be playing with tears very much. Paige just enjoys dressing her and displaying Showbaby in her ball.

L.O.L Surprise Sparkle Series

As much as surprises are fun, I would not want to see Paige disappointed by opening the same doll twice. If you are collecting the full series, and are not lucky enough to collect all 12 characters without duplicates, do you swop with friends or keep multiples? Fortunately the L.O.L. Surprise! range has a number of series, so you can buy from each to avoid any twins.


L.O.L Surprise Sparkle Series
  • Secret message sticker
  • Collectible stickers
  • Water bottle
  • Shoes
  • Outfit
  • Fashion accessory
  • L.O.L. Surprise Sparkle Series doll
  • Display ball
  • Collector’s guide
  • Suitable for ages 5+


L.O.L Surprise Sparkle Series

L.O.L. products are available at leading retailers nationwide and online. Visit www.primatoys.co.za for a full list of stockists.


This is not a paid post. Product supplied for review purposes. Images all my own.

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