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This is not a washing machine. It’s not a tumble dryer either. The Spindel is a specialist laundry spin dryer that uses centrifugal force instead of heat to quickly remove excess moisture from laundry. By spending a few extra minutes spinning your clothes in the Spindel, you can save yourself time and electricity. There is a lot to say about this product and I know that I’m going to be using it almost daily, all year round.

How it works

The Spindel can be used with machine or hand-washing laundry and is safe for all fabrics. You load wet laundry into the drum, placing heavier items at the bottom and pushing down the clothes with your hand as you fill. I have the 6.5kg Spindel and even though it has a decent capacity, I usually split my laundry into two loads for spinning. Leave about a 8 cm gap to the top of the drum and it’s best to use an item of laundry such as a shirt or cloth to cover and tuck down the sides of the laundry. Close the lid, turn it on and let it spin for about 3 minutes whilst the water pours out the spout. To switch off, turn the dial to the middle setting, which locks the lid for safety until the drum has come to a complete stop. Once stopped, turn to the off setting where you can open the lid and remove the laundry.



From one load, I get about 500 ml of extra water out and this goes onto my plants. The reason why you get so much more water out is that the stainless steel inner drum accelerates up to 2800 revolutions per minute (RPM), compared to 600, 800 or 1000 RPM which your washing machines spins at. My washing machine spins at max 800 RPM so by using the Spindel, I can get my laundry much dryer before I hang it on the wash-line or pop in the tumble dryer to finish off. Synthetic fabrics come out much dryer, whilst cotton fabrics are still damp to the touch. The Spindel won’t dry your clothes completely, it only removes excess moisture to speed up drying time.

Another benefit of a Spindel is that it removes detergent residue that can damage fabrics, fade colours and cause skin allergies. I notice soap bubbles as the water pours out the spout whilst spinning, even though I run my load through an extra rinse. As Ethan has sensitive skin and eczema, being able to remove excess soap residue is a bonus.

After the 3 minute cycle is complete you can:

  • Air dry your laundry in a fraction of the time,
  • Iron certain fabrics with synthetic fibre immediately, or
  • Run a significantly shorter cycle in the tumble dryer to save energy and reduce heat damage

Some more benefits

Since you are cutting down on drying time you can do more loads of laundry in a day or wash later in the day, and it will still dry. You can do an emergency wash and spin at night when your child lets you know they need their sports kit cleaned for tomorrow’s match, and it will be dry and ready to pack in the morning. The Spindel is not only for winter. The summer sun can be damaging to clothes, and after spinning, hang up clothes undercover or inside to dry. The 4.5kg is well suited to pack for holiday trips and camping.


  • Removes up to 80% of moisture from laundry for faster drying time
  • Takes just 3 minutes
  • Uses 100 times less electricity than tumble drying
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Reduced damage to fabrics
  • Removes detergent residue that can damage fabrics, fade colours and cause skin allergies
  • Available in two sizes: 6,5 kg or 4,5 kg


Please visit the Spindel website for a full list of stockists. They are also available online at Takealot, Fancystore, Yuppiechef and Loot. If you are still unsure whether or not to buy the Spindel, do yourself a favour and read the reviews on these online stores. I can tell you that it is rated highly.



Spindel supplied me a unit for review. Images my own.


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