Paige and I had the lovely opportunity to be shown around the Keedo factory by founder Nelia Annandale-Schutte. It was fascinating learning how each garment is designed and made here in Cape Town by talented local designers and seamstresses. Once a garment has been designed, the master pattern is drawn up by hand and then graded into different sizes using a computer programme to ensure no fabric is wasted and is printed out on big sheets of paper. A cutter using a cutting machine that can cut up to 300 layers of fabric at a time, cuts out the pieces of fabric which are sewn together to make the garment.

From the sewing room the garment is ironed and quality control checked before being folded, packaged and sorted for shipment. Each year, as part of the Keedo Cares Project, a t-shirt is designed and R10 from each t-shirt sold goes towards a very special lady, Mama Amelia Poswa who offers a home for destitute kids.  Nelia gave me a sneak peek at next year’s, very cool, animal print t-shirt. Learn more about this project and other Care projects on their website.

Upstairs at the factory, the designers use nature as their inspiration and design outfits that are fun and comfortable for your kids to be able to play freely in. I was lucky enough to see next year’s winter range which was part inspired from a trip Nelia made to the Netherlands and their national flower, the tulip. This range will no doubt be a hit when it reaches stores next winter. The factory and factory shop are at 9 Transvaal Street, Paarden Eiland. Please use email to contact their head office and for more information.

A big thank you to Nelia and her team for showing me the behind the scenes of this proudly South African clothing brand.

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  1. Hello Sarah , I’m a mom of three between the ages 1 , 4 & 9 and I want to buy clothes for this Christmas season for my kids can you tell me which shops are nearby and can you also send me the address , Im living in Cape town .

    1. Hi Shona. Great question.Factory shops usually are where the clothes are manufactured and since most clothing operations are based in Cape Town (including Naartjie, Keedo, EC), that’s where you find the shops. I don’t know which clothing brands are made in JHB/PTA, but I’m sure someone on the Factory Shops FB group can help Happy bargain hunting!

  2. Hi Sandra my colleagues bought me baby boy clothes and I gave birth to a girl can the factory shop in paarden Island exchange the clothes for me the tags are still attached, buy I don’t have slips. Amanda

  3. Hai Sandra I’m in eastern cape n I have been @earthchild factory shop n it was satisfying to get clothes @ a cheaper price like that but keedo was stil expensive for me even though its a factory shop,is naartjie also in the same area as earth n keedo?

    1. Hi Vuyelwa. Naartjie factory shop is in Hout Bay which is about 20 minutes drive from Earth Child, around the mountain Camps Bay side. Not close to each other unfortunately. It’s a pretty drive though and I would recommend to check out the myCiti website for the new bus routes which will take you easily between the shops. Hope this is helpful.

  4. Hi there, I will be in Cape Town early Oct. Have a little girl 5 years old, any other suggestions of factory shops to visit?? Please let me know. Thanks Sandra

    1. Hi Sandra. There are a few factory shops I would recommend in CT and the details are in my post Some factory shops are not in the best locations and so I wouldn’t recommend them. The ones on my list are in decent areas, the clothes are a good quality and you don’t have to dig through bargain bins to find what you need as the clothes are nicely laid out and there are assistants to help. Keedo, Earth Child, Naartjie and Bugzoo are the higher priced items and Bee Line and Little People (which are right round the corner from each other) stock Woolworths and PnP clothing at bargain prices. These are the shops I know so far but there is a lady, Pam Black, who is the queen of CT factory shops and her website is and you can also buy her book online. Hope this helps and have a great trip to CT!

  5. “nina says:
    March 1, 2013 at 1:05 pm
    Another great factory store to shop for baby clothes (mostly Woolworths stuff) and blankets is in Elsies river (nr 9 Consani rd,Elsies river).”

    Hi Nina
    could i get directions to this place Please. thanks

    1. Hi Julia
      Directions would depend on where you are travelling from. This is a link from google maps to 9 Consani Road, Elsies River.
      What I like about google maps is that to the left of the map there is a button called ‘Get Directions’. Click it, add your address and it will give detailed instructions on how to get to the factory shop.
      Please let me know what you think of the factory shop. Happy Shopping!

        1. Hi Julia. I haven’t been to this shop myself, Nina commented and recommended it. On the google maps page there is an orange man which you can drag onto the map and will give you an actual view of the road. Doesn’t look like the nicest neighbourhood (please take care) and I can’t see a name on the building. Have a look and see what you think.

  6. Hi Sara im am 23year old mummy to a 3year lod im crazy about fashion and dressing up my daughter so can you please email me when you have a sale becouse i always mniss out on the sale

  7. I have a problem with the limited variety of boys clothing VS girls. Your shops cater mostly for girls. I want my boys to dress well but hardly find suitable clothing at Keedo. My sons were once invited to a party where the theme was Keedo. Girls were stunning but boys wore the same items. Colour variety for boys is also limited. Will be visiting the factory today to buy for a niece. If I’m lucky I will only find white shirts for my sons. Please, please, please have more clothes for the princes.

    1. Hi Ndileka. Thanks for your comments – I think most moms would agree that princes don’t have the same range of clothes as girls. I’m not part of Keedo though and you will need to visit their website or Facebook page to share your comment with them.

  8. Another great factory store to shop for baby clothes (mostly Woolworths stuff) and blankets is in Elsies river (nr 9 Consani rd,Elsies river).

    1. Hi Nandipha. If you want Keedo updates best to sign up to their newsletter on their website or like their facebook page. You can sign up for a free loyalty card in store and they will sms you with all specials so you will never miss out.

    1. Hi Andiswa. I used google maps to get directions for you – from N2 take exit 9 to merge onto M5 toward N1/Milnerton. Turn left onto Section St. Turn left onto Puma St. Turn right onto Transvaal St. Destination will be on the right. If you go to Google maps, click on ‘get directions’ and then you can put in your home address and Keedo (9 Transvaal St) and it will bring up a map, detailed instructions and also how long it will take to get there. Hope this helps and hope you find some nice bargains. Sarah

  9. I live in Pta and would like to know if there is any way for me to buy clothes directly from the factory from here and have you courier them for me. I really love your clothes for my daughters, but they are sometimes too pricely for me.


  10. I love Keedo, don’t get me wrong. But I feel that it’s a bit pricey. I only buy from them for special occasions or definitely, when they are on sale. I love that it’s proudly South African but the price seems not local.

    1. Hi Brancile. Keedo is pricey but unfortunately the SA clothing industry cannot make clothes as cheaply as Asian countries mostly because of labour costs. Factories in China and India pay very little to their staff but in SA we like to pay fair wages. Also the fabric Keedo uses is 100% cotton and so more expensive but lasts longer and more comfortable. I also buy in the sales to save money and if you live in Cape Town, you can visit the Keedo and Earth Child factory shop at 9 Transvaal Road, Paarden Island. There isn’t the same variety as in stores but clothes are 40% off and even more if they are clearing stock. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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