If you are pregnant, I have some advice – book your antenatal classes early or do an online course. When I tried to book classes I hadn’t anticipated that a) there would be a waiting list at my local clinic, b) they run for 6 to 8 weeks so if you miss a start date you may have to wait until the next round of classes, c) the cost and d) Christmas and holiday closures.  We ended up doing a 1 day class which was convenient time wise but we didn’t find it as helpful as we would have liked. I wish I had known about Just Engage Online Antenatal Course which runs over 6 weeks and a new course begins the first Monday of each month.

Sharon Kloppers is the mom behind Just Engage and she tells us more about why she started online antenatal courses in her video below. The benefit of doing an online course is that you have the flexibility of doing it in your own time. We live busy lives and rather than not do classes or end up missing classes, working online is a solution for hectic schedules. Each week you have access to another module which consists of video lectures from Sharon and her team which you can watch when it suits you. What you don’t get online is one-on-one interaction, but they have made up for that with forums and encouraging discussion with other expecting parents doing the course along with you. Other pros are you can do it anywhere (provided you have internet) and it is more affordable that other courses at R550.

There is a lot to learn before having a baby and it seems everyone is offering advice or even criticising your decisions. It is so important to make your own decisions regarding your pregnancy and the birth of your child. I found having impartial and expert advice and information available to us helped me have confidence in the decisions I made and stay calm when those decisions had to change. The course outline is at the bottom of the post so you can see what topics are discussed. For more info, email admin@justengage.co.za or visit their website.

Just Engage would like to offer 5 pregnant moms/dads their online course free! The lucky parent(s)-to-be can choose which month they would like to start the course and all we ask is that you offer feedback so we can share it with other parents.

To enter to win 1 of 5 free online courses:

  • You must be pregnant and can complete the course
  • Like the Just Engage Facebook page
  • Like The Mommy City Facebook page
  • Comment below what information you would like to know more about during antenatal classes

Entries close 14 March 2013 and 5 names will be randomly chosen the next day. Please see my usual terms and conditions.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Health in Pregnancy
  • The Wonder of It All – Sharon Kloppers
  • Planning a Healthy pregnancy – Sharon Kloppers
  • Pilates in Pregnancy and Postnatal – Hayley Brown (pilates instructor)
  • What is happening to me? – Sharon Kloppers (PDF)
  • You have choices – Sharon Kloppers
Module 2: Labour
  • Intro to Labour – Sharon Kloppers
  • Labour- Stage 1 – Sharon Kloppers
  • Labour – Stage 2 and 3 – Sharon Kloppers
  • Why Active Birth? – Sharon Kloppers
  • What about the pain? – Sharon Kloppers
  • Relaxation and Breathing – Sharon Kloppers
Module 3: Care and Breastfeeding
  • Postnatal Care of Mom – Megan Benn (nurse, midwife)
  • Intro to Breastfeeding – Sharon Kloppers
  • Breastfeeding 101 – Sharon Kloppers
  • Breastfeeding practical demo – Lynn Keck with client (nurse, midwife, community nurse and lactation consultant)
  • Newborn Care – Motherhood Matters
Module 4: Elective or Emergency Caesarians
  • Inductions – Sharon Kloppers
  • What happens during a Caesar? – Sharon Kloppers
  • Caesarian section – Dr. Doug Dumbrill (gynaecologist and obstetrician)
  • Pain-Relief Options – Sharon Kloppers
  • What to pack for hospital – Sharon Kloppers (PDF)
  • Writing a Birthplan – Sharon Kloppers (PDF)
Module 5: Parenting
  • Becoming a Parent – CJ L’Hoste (Clinical Psychologist)
  • What is a Father? – JP Kloppers
  • The Role of a Father – Leon Breytenbach
  • Budgeting for an extra life – JP Kloppers
Module 6: Life Beyond the Birth 2
  • CPR – Vanessa Pickford (CPR instructor, owner of Safe2Grow)
  • Milk Matters – Lizzie Brierley
  • Skin-to-skin Contact – Jill Bergman
  • Common Childhood Ailments and Vaccinations – Dr. Paul Sinclair (paediatrician)

5 thoughts on “Just Engage Online Antenatal Course & Giveaway”

  1. Hi, would love some advice on choosing the correct formula (for moms not able to breast feed) and possible irritations like reflux and lactose intolerance. As well as warning signs for prenatal and post natal depression.

    Thanks very much

    Genny Niksch

  2. Hi
    I know this may only be relevant to a few expectant moms, but I would love some tips and information on ‘surviving’ a twin pregnancy and handling twins in the first few weeks. Its my third pregnancy, so this will be our 3rd and 4th (happy surprise!!)
    Kath Stutterheim

  3. Hi I would be interested in learning a put babies sleep cycles and how these change as the baby gets bigger. I anticipate this to become a big part of our lives in the future and would like to be more prepared for it than I currently am!

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