jujuiceIf you are pregnant or have breastfed, you have probably heard about jungle juice and it’s benefits for breastfeeding.

Jungle juice recommended to help with milk production and energy and is made up of blackberry thorn elixir, juice, water and rehidrate (recipe below).

With Paige I tried a number of things to boost my milk production, without success and optimistically, I tried again with Ethan, with even less success. That’s not to say jungle juice doesn’t help with milk production – it does for most moms and it is beneficial for you either way – I just don’t produce enough milk.

Well, a few months back at a baby expo I spotted this new product, jujuice powder, and bought a box ready for Ethan’s arrival. It is essentially jungle juice in sachet form which is genius as it’s easy to make and it also great value.

There are 10 sachets in a box of jujuice and a box sells online for R225 (cheaper if you buy 2 or more boxes). That’s R22.50 a litre. If you work out the cost of making your own jungle juice (I did this after a friend told me the cost and I couldn’t believe it and had to check for myself) it is R50 a litre! The elixir is particularly pricey.

The other benefit of jujuice is it’s easy to make up anywhere. I had my sachets packed in my hospital bag and made it up in hospital from day 1. The nurses were very impressed when I told them about it after noticing my jug of pink juice next to my bed. jujuice is 100% natural, preservative free, free from artificial sweeteners and colourants, high in energy and a source of Vitamin C.

You can buy jujuice online or contact them to find a stockist in your area or follow them on Facebook

Jungle Juice

50ml Schlehen Elixir
1 litre Apple/Cranberry Juice
2 litres Water
1 Sachet Rehidrate
10 – 12 drops Rescue remedy per glass (optional)

4 thoughts on “jujuice powder for breastfeeding moms”

    1. In my case, no. Like I said in my post I struggled with both my children to breastfeed and this unfortunately is not a miracle solution – wish it were. I had a good latch but did not produce enough milk so I didn’t see a dramatic difference once I stopped drinking it. A number of moms say that it does increase supply and widely recommended. Jungle juice was also recommended to me by the lactation consultant in hospital. Boosting supply takes a holistic approach and here’s an article you may find useful. http://www.birthworks.co.za/articles/breastmilk-peak-production-plan. With Paige I took Eglonyl drug to try boost but with Ethan I wanted to go drug free and also took Fenugreek and Alfalfa tablets which you find in health stores. jujuice was still good for me to keep me hydrated and energy in the first few weeks, even though it didn’t get the milk flowing. Are you pregnant and planning ahead or are you breastfeeding now?

      1. I went into labour 3 weeks early and one of the items still on my to do list was to get all the ingredients to make jungle juice for when I was in the hospital. (also on this list was a feeding chair – not a good idea to leave to the last minute!!). As I was waiting to go in for emergency Caesar I remembered this post about the jujuice and called them up. The wonderful people at Jujuice delivered me a box of jungle juice sachets to the maternity Ward at the hospital on the same day! What great service! I was then gifted the ingredients for the original jungle juice which I made up when I was home. I much prefer the Jujuice – not so filling as the jungle juice (which is essentially drinking a litre of box juice a day) and more like drinking flavoured water. And it tastes way better!!

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