Work from home jobs and insuring your business by The Mommy CityA few months back I was struggling to put my thoughts in order about what I wanted from my future and career. I needed to distinguish my needs and wants and how I could achieve these whilst still fulfilling the role of wife and mother.

It was difficult for me to be honest with myself, not to feel guilt, and to ultimately find a path I wanted to follow. This involved looking back at my life, identifying what were my goals, how they changed over the years and what goals do I want to set myself going forward.

During this process I had the help of business and personal coach, Karen van Zyl, who provided a safe and supportive environment in which I could share my thoughts and feelings, and come to my own conclusions about what I should do.

She had helped my husband and his colleagues with business coaching, and so I knew she could help me too. I had coaching years ago with another lady when I was deciding whether to pursue my legal career, and it was disastrous – I won’t go into details but that was not coaching.

Karen is different – she guides you and helped to put my scrambled thoughts into some order, encouraged me and kept me on track. My husband and I would recommend her for any coaching. Karen shares some more information on what she does, with a focus on job interview coaching.

Business and personal coach

I facilitate a process for clients to realise their goals and ambitions by creating their own effective approach with simple action steps. A key focus of the coaching involves drawing on the client’s unique experience and resources so that their learning can be articulated and made explicit.  This personal learning guides the client in making choices and committing to easy actions that work, even after the coaching ends.

Job interview coaching

The core process is moulded to suit the individual’s background and needs.  Clients may have one or more specific job interview/s already scheduled or merely have plans of entering the job market.  The sessions sometimes include elements of training, mentoring, consulting or knowledge sharing and could address one or more of the following:

  • Increasing self awareness and insight
  • Identifying personal values and strengths and relating these to the job and company
  • Preparing effective responses for competency based or Targeted Selection questioning, interview techniques used by many successful companies
  • Learning how to best demonstrate a good fit with the position and the company
  • Using techniques to remain calm and centred during interviews
  • Enhancing mental preparation and confidence by rehearsing different interview scenarios

Coaching for promotion

When a client wants a promotion at their existing company we are generally working with known requirements and established processes.  Coaching will usually focus on performance enhancement or leadership development in order to attain the specified targets and performance standards.

Interview tips

  • One of the strongest predictors of future performance is past success.  For this reason it is vital that you can clearly show how your specific actions in past positions had a positive impact, for each key competency required in the role you are applying for.
  • If you can convey that your strengths, preferences and career objectives are aligned with the job requirements and organisation’s culture it suggests that you will be more likely to be a strong performer and will probably stay on with the company, both of which are in the financial interests of the company.
  • Prospective employers are more likely to hire you if they can see that you have a good understanding of yourself and your style and how this can impact others at work.


Fees are split into pre- and post-appointment phases.  Pre-appointment fees are payable per session, while post-appointment costs only become due later. For the introductory meeting of up to two hours, where the client’s needs are discussed, there is no charge and there is no obligation to commit to any coaching. Travel costs will be incurred at AA rates for work outside the Northern Suburbs unless consecutive coaching is arranged for three or more individuals at the same venue. Telephone / Skype coaching is optional, with associated costs being for your account.

Karen Van ZylKaren van Zyl
Certified Coach (USB).  BA Psych Hons (UNISA). Psychometrist & Master NLP Practitioner.
mobile:       083 468 1966



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