Home from Home August Challenge by The Mommy CityThis month I am taking part in the Home from Home August Challenge, to raise awareness and funds for this Cape Town based non-profit organisation. The decision to jump all in to their 31 day challenge came after receiving a press release about the work that they do to help care for orphaned and vulnerable children in our local communities.

It was a few days after news broke of the Manenberg children who tortured and killed a dog. This story upset me terribly and like many others, questioned how society is failing to protect children who grow up to be violent and cruel.

It is my hope that through efforts such as Home from Home, communities will raise children who are loved, and who love.

Home from Home provides support and supervised community-based foster care for orphaned, abused, neglected and vulnerable children in South Africa. In 2005, Jane Payne and Pippa Shaper envisioned a future where orphaned and vulnerable children of South Africa would not have to grow up in institutional children’s homes.

This vision led them to found Home from Home, which became one of the first non-profit organisations in South Africa to practice Cluster Foster Care.

They believe that living in a small family unit with a dedicated foster mother or foster parents is the next best place for children who can’t be cared for by their own biological families.

The children grow up in a network of small, family homes in their communities where they can retain their culture and grow up speaking their mother-tongue. They have a foster family to support and care for them.

The hope is that one day the children will either be reunited with their biological families, or failing that, are provided with the best possible foundation to lead happy, successful lives with the support of the organisation.

The majority of homes are run alongside a community associate, which is either a local community or faith based organisation. These associations ensure community support for the homes.

Working with these associates ensures the communities have access to the expertise and resources required to provide a high level of care for their children. Through a network of 34 homes across fifteen communities, they care for over 200 vulnerable children.

So how can you get involved in the August Challenge fundraiser? Set yourself a challenge and get friends, family or colleagues to sponsor you. The challenge can be committing to their wellness programme (which I will be doing), running or cycling everyday or even giving up Facebook for the month! Every cent raised goes towards Home from Home so pledge here. What’s your challenge?

Home from Home August Challenge by The Mommy City

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